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  • Anthropogenically accelerated mass movement, Kulu Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Bank erosion ; Catastrophe ; Flood ; Heavy rain ; Himachal Pradesh ; Human impact ; India ; Landslide ; Mass movement ; Slope dynamics ; Valley
  • This paper examines the factors and processes responsible for triggering widespread mass movement and related damages in the Kulu Valley. Whereas some smaller events occurred in the early and middle part of this century, the recurrence and intensity
  • 1998
  • Glacial valley ; Himalaya ; Landslide ; Natural hazards ; Neotectonics ; Nepal ; Petrology ; Slope ; Slope dynamics ; Soil erosion ; Structural geomorphology
  • Analyses of regional tectonic features and the internal composition of Tsergo Ri landslide in comparison with the morphodynamic evolution of the upper Langtang valley reveal significant interrelationships between predesigned orogenic fabrics
  • 1998
  • This paper will describe the timing and rates of paraglacial processes in the upper Bhagirathi valley, thus providing a framework for the evolution of the Himalayan landscapes.
  • 1998
  • This study aims : to estimate the period of formation of debris cones in the last 4000 years BP in the Langtang Valley, north of Kathmandu, central Nepal Himalaya; and to estimate the volume of the debris supply and the rate of bedrock denudation
  • 1998
  • of meters of the Upper Indus stream valleys have been dominated by epicycles of aggradation, trenching, and downcutting that mainly reflect the scale, timing and history of each barrier. The landforms involved are only indirectly related to the late-glacial
  • 1998