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  • New geoarchaeological investigations of the valley systems in the Aksum area of northern Ethiopia
  • Recent geoarchaeological investigations of the valley systems to the north and northeast of Aksum have revealed indications of a relatively recent alluvial sequence, probably within the last millennium. The implication is that both during and prior
  • colluvial and alluvial additions. In the last 4 to 5 centuries, the pace of alluvial aggradation appears to have increased markedly, and has deposited at least half of the sediment captured in the valley systems and lower slopes to the north of Aksum
  • Linking cultural and environmental change in Peruvian prehistory : geomorphological survey of the Samaca Basin, lower Ica Valley, Peru
  • . The reason for the site's long agricultural use-life may be its fertility, making the valley-bottom ideal for agriculture, even in times of drought or resource-stress. These findings present an interesting scenario in terms of human behavioral ecology