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  • Early man in the Jordan Valley: the excavations at'Ubeidiya
  • Origins of plant domestication in the Sahara and the Nile Valley in The Sahara and the Nile. Quaternary environments and prehistoric occupation in northern Africa.
  • Age and significance of alluvium in the Windrush valley, Oxfordshire
  • Images of the Ohio Valley: a historical geography of travel, 1740 to 1860.
  • (1740-1860) ; Colonisation ; Environnement ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie historique ; Histoire de la géographie ; Image mentale ; Indien ; Ohio valley ; Paysage ; Perception ; Siècle XVIII-XIX ; Voyageur
  • Selective urban growth in the Middle Ohio Valley, 1800-1860
  • Kyichu Valley.
  • valeur des Etats-Unis: Tennessee Valley Authority, Mississippi Valley Committee, etc.
  • Stone artefacts and fossil evidence suggest that hominids did not reach the high plateau of Ethiopia until1.5 Myr ago. Contact between hominids of the plateau and the Rift Valley seems likely.
  • The quickset of the North of Thierache are surgeon of The Theorascia silva and the nucleus of bocage are numerous in the valleys in the end of the Middle Ages (50 % of the area). Though the field and the meadow are alternative since the XII century
  • Pedological and palynological data obtained from the study of a protohistorical site in the Senegal valley show that: 1. the establishment took place on a relatively flat surface| 2. the accumulation of a sandy clay material into a sort
  • physiographic situations. Locality situation in regions dominated by proglacial sediments, on lake-edge features adjacent to strand-dissecting tributaries, within major river valleys, implies selectivity reflecting primary adaptation. Fluted-point associations