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  • Bristol University Ladakh expedition 1976. Exploration of the Zangskar valley
  • Relative accessibility of urban centres in the Brahmaputra Valley
  • Levels of agricultural productivity in the Brahmaputra Valley : a regional analysis
  • Land capability classification of the Manipur valley
  • Aptitude culturale des sols ; Classification des sols ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Inde ; Manipur Valley ; Taxonomie ; Utilisation du sol
  • Palynology of Pleistocene travertines from the Arava Valley, Israel
  • Arava valley ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Israël ; Palynologie ; Paléoclimatologie ; Pléistocène ; Quaternaire
  • The nature of urbanisation in the Lower Damodar Valley
  • River-basin planning in the Damodar Valley of India
  • Secular horizontal strain of the crust in eastern Taiwan is investigated based on retriangulation data. The strain along the Longitudinal Valley, a probable plate boundary of the Philippine Sea and the Eurasian plate, is compressive, with a large
  • rate of 2 to 3 microstrains per year, and the maximum compression axis intersects the valley with an angle of about 60. This suggests that the valley is not a place of pure collision, and that the relative movement of the plates has a left-lateral
  • Soil erosion in the Upper Damodar Valley
  • The genesis of terraces in the three gorge valley of the Yangtze River
  • Spatial organization of a caste society : the example of the Newar in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
  • Air pollution studies in the Kelang valley, Malaysia: some policy implications
  • A study of drainage system of the Rapti Valley
  • Relative dating of Quaternary moraines, Rongbuk Valley, Mount Everest, Tibet : implications for an ice sheet on the Tibetan Plateau in XIII INQUA Congress issue.
  • Relative-dating studies applied to high-altitude moraines (5 000-5 500 m) in the Rongbuk valley on the northern flank of Mt. Everest reveal strong contrasts in the weathering characteristics of the boulders exposed along moraine crests
  • The Valley of Flowers, Himalaya's youngest national park in making: problem of resource use and conservation in Himalayas mountains and men. Studies in eco-development.
  • Garhwal Himalaya ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Inde ; Parc naturel ; Protection de la nature ; Pèlerinage ; Tourisme ; Uttar Pradesh ; Valley of Flowers
  • Paleoclimatic implications of U-series dates for lake sediments and travertines in the Arava rift valley, Israel
  • The Sayif travertines and lacustrine limestones cropping out in the northern Arava Valley, a region of extreme aridity, have been dated by the 230Th/234U disequilibrium method. Most of the ages fall within two clusters that are coincident with ages
  • Results of the Polish-Mongolian physico-geographical expedition. Vol. 2. Environment of the Sant Valley (Southern Khangai Mountains)
  • Contient: Introduction. The boundary position of the Sant Valley| Aim and method of work. 1. Components of natural environment: Climate| The relief| Sheets| Soils| Vegetation. 2. The dynamics of environment: Processes of energy exchange| Water
  • Human geo-ecological interactions in Kuh Daman, a South Asian mountain valley
  • The national vertical zonation provides the basis for the altitudinal distribution of land use. Two types of agricultural districts can be roughly identified : the valley and basin district, and the valley and mountain district. The natural