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  • Vyvoj udoli a kvartérni tektonika Hlucinské pahorkatiny. (Valley development and Quaternary tectonics in the Hlucinska pahorkatina) (hilly land)
  • Dells, dry valleys, river valleys, cryopediments as well as valley asymmetry are described in the model area of Pleistocene deposits. Special attention is devoted to the role of Quaternary tectonics in valley development. The hilly land of Hlucin
  • Morfometrické charakteristiky sklonove asymetrickych udoli vybranych uzemi severni Moravy. (Morphometrical characteristics of valley asymmetry in some North Moravian regions)
  • The study deals with morphometrical data on asymetric valleys in the regions of Nizky Jesenik highland, Moravian Gate and hilly land of Hlucin in Northern Moravia and Silesia. Especially is shown the dependance between the index of asymetry
  • and the valley size. (MS).
  • Kelet-Szibéria kriopedimentjeinek problémaja. (Some problems of the valley cryopediments in Eastern Siberia)
  • erosion played an important role in the evolution valleys. (MS).