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  • Limited pliocene glacier extent and surface uplift in middle Taylor Valley, Antarctica
  • The purpose of this paper is to assess the degree of stability/instability of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet during the Pliocene by dating and mapping surficial deposits in middle Taylor Valley in the Dry Valleys region of southern Victoria Land.
  • Late Tertiary Antarctic paleoclimate and ice-sheet dynamics inferred from surficial deposits in Wright Valley
  • . Furthermore, an East Antarctic outlet glacier has not expanded into east-central Wright Valley in at least the last 3.8 Ma, thus precluding ice-sheet overriding of the Dry Valleys region during this interval. Overall, Wright Valley data imply that the adjacent
  • Rate of glacial valley deepening during the Late Quaternary in Assynt, Scotland
  • Cave ; Dating ; Erosion cycle ; Erosion rate ; Glacial erosion ; Glacial features ; Glacial valley ; Interglacial ; Isotope analysis ; Quaternary ; Scotland ; United Kingdom ; Uranium
  • A dated landscape history of the Allt nan Uamh valley in the Assynt area is constructed, spanning the last 300 ka, using geomorphological analysis, U-series speleothem dating, and existing cave surveys. The mean rate of valley deepening is estimated
  • East Antarctic Ice Sheet sensitivity to Pliocene climatic change from a dry valleys perspective
  • paleoclimate and ice sheet history. Then they test these predictions from an examination of landscape development and surficial sediments in the Dry Valleys sector of the Transantarctic Mountains.
  • Miocene-Pliocene-Pleistocene glacial history of Arena Valley, Quatermain Mountains, Antarctica
  • Cirque ; Climatic variation ; Earth surface processes ; Fluvial erosion ; Geomorphometry ; Glacial erosion ; Mountain ; New Zealand ; Palaeogeography ; South Island ; Tectonics ; Valley ; Vertical movement
  • A morphometric comparison of valleys has been made for the Ben Ohau Range in the central Southern Alps of New Zealand. The range is undergoing rapid tectonic transport and uplift. First, the sequence of topographic transitions caused by a change