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  • Climatic and human impact on episodic alluviation in small mountain valleys, The Sudetes
  • The accumulation of coarse-grained alluvia in the valley floors (the Bila Opava and the Bela valleys) dissecting the northeastern slope of the Praded massif exhibit braided river patterns in many places. This indicates the occurrence of large, short
  • Palaeohydrological changes in the upper Dneper Valley, Belarus, during the last 20 000 years
  • Belorussia ; Dnieper ; Fluvial processes ; Geomorphogenesis ; Holocene ; Hydrodynamics ; Palaeohydrology ; Pleistocene ; Quaternary ; Upper valley
  • The Dneper valley carried away proglacial waters to the Black Sea during the maximum of the last glaciation. Dneper, having multiplied discharges, flowed in two branches of the valley. After the proglacial water supply ceased, the river incised
  • and the evolution took place only in the one active branch (valley). Only young terraces are preserved in the section between Orsha and Shklov : low Vistulian-Young Pleniglacial terraces and two levels of the Late Glacial-Holocene flood plains. With the large
  • High-mountain valley floors evolution during regression of alpine glaciers in the Massif des Ecrins, France
  • The age of recent glacial, glacifluvial/fluvial forms is determined using lichenomeric dating in 2 Alpine valleys of the Massif des Ecrins. A lichen growth-curve is based on data from natural sites, such as boulder-fields, moraine ridges etc
  • Exceptional event ; Hydrology ; Palaeogeography ; Palaeohydrology ; Poland ; Precipitation ; Upper valley ; Wisła