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  • Palaeoenvironments and sedimentology of the Middle Pleistocene Olorgesailie Formation, southern Kenya Rift Valley in Palaeoecology of Africa and the surrounding islands-Vol 13.
  • The terminal infilling of the Ferlo valley consists of a decimetric layer containing marine or brackish fauna (Tympanotomus fuscatus, Tagelus angulatus). This implies contact with the sea several months per year during a minimum period of five years
  • (time necessary for the Tympanotomus growth) and possibly one century or more. This formation is the consequence of a marine invasion that penetrated the lower Valley of the Senegal and Ferlo rivers up to 150 km above the present boundary at 1545
  • Late Pleistocene and Holocene lake level fluctuations in the Lake Bogoria bassin, northern Kenya Rift Valley in Palaeoecology of Africa and the surrounding islands-Vol 13.
  • Lake Bogoria is a closed-basin, saline alkaline lake in the Kenya Rift Valley. The sedimentology and mineralogy of three long drill-cores from the lake floor, and the marginal fluvio-deltaic and littoral deposite are studied here. During the late
  • Afrique ; Diagramme pollinique ; Etage afro-alpin ; Glaciation ; Géographie de l'Afrique ; Hobley Valley ; Holocène ; Kenya ; Mont Kenya ; Montagne ; Palynologie ; Quaternaire zone chaude ; Zone intertropicale
  • Aspects of a suite of Quaternary conglomeratic sediments in the Kuiseb valley, Namibia in Palaeoecology of Africa and the surrounding islands. Volume 15. Southern African Society for Quaternary research. Proceedings.
  • Pedological and palynological data obtained from the study of a protohistorical site in the Senegal valley show that: 1. the establishment took place on a relatively flat surface| 2. the accumulation of a sandy clay material into a sort
  • Fossil pollen of the upper 30 m of a core with a length of 162 m taken near the shore of Lake Abiyata in the Ethiopian Rift Valley has been analysed. The results are compared with surface pollen spectra of different vegetation types. The sequence
  • The Malawi Rift is one of the youngest sections of the African Rift Valley System. The initial rift fill comprises fossiliferous Pliocene sediments. Early sediments in the extreme north were conformably overlain by pyroclastics erupted from