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  • Eastern France ; France ; Precipitation ; Rainfall regime ; Rhône ; Saône ; Statistical distribution ; Valley ; Weather type
  • By classifying the daily precipitations according to the various weather types along the Saône and Rhône's valley, it is possible to follow precisely and understand the evolution of the effects of each type from the north towards the south. - (BJ)
  • Decreasing significant trends (1950-2000) do not affect French mediterranean rainfall, except during few months : March (West of the Rhône river), November or October (East of the river), and November (Rhône valley). They correspond to significant
  • The potential water balance in the Valley of Niari (1974-1991) reveal an important seasonal loss of hydrous flow during the season of the rainy minimum. In the extreme cases, its duration can reach one year, thus underlining the character slightly
  • Atmospheric concentration in Pm10 particles in the Paillon valley (Contes) can be partially related with atmospheric conditions (wind and rain). Nevertheless, in this case, road traffic influence is obvious, as well as cement works. - (BJ)
  • Longest series of climatic data for several meteo stations in Ethiopa were collected. They include 14 raingauges and 5 thermometric stations located in the highlands and in the Main Ethiopan Rift Valley and ranging in elevation from 1200 to 2500 m