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  • Changing evaluations of flood plain hazard. The Hunter River Valley, Australia
  • Australie ; Catastrophe ; Estimation ; Géographie de l'Océanie ; Hunter Valley ; Inondation ; Lit majeur ; New South Wales ; Perception ; Plaine d'inondation ; Protection ; Risque
  • Strangler figs in a stand of dry rainforest in the lower Hunter Valley, NSW
  • Late Quaternary alluvial history of Nowlands Creek, Hunter Valley, NSW
  • Archeological site ; Australia ; Chronology ; Fluvial processes ; Fluvial terrace ; Holocene ; Northwest Territories ; Pleistocene ; Soil ; Stratigraphy ; Valley
  • Neotectonics and Quaternary geology of the Hunter Mountain fault zone and Saline Valley region, southeastern California
  • The AA. present surficial geologic maps of 5 sections along the Hunter Mountain fault zone. The map observations are then used to place loose bounds on the paleoearthquake history and fault slip rate in late Quaternary time, as well as the role
  • Stud farming in the Hunter Valley: expansion and restructuring in the equine industry
  • Focusing on this valley of New South Wales, it is suggested that horse breeding has been a target for capital investment by entrepreneurs seeking to maximise returns on profits derived from other economic sectors. The role of favourable taxation
  • Comment : the palynology of fluvial sediments : with special reference to alluvium of historic age from the upper Axe valley, Mendip Hills, Somerset
  • HUNT, C. O.
  • Australie ; Géographie de l'Océanie ; Hunter Valley ; Méthode ; New South Wales ; Paysage ; Taxonomie
  • A l'aide de mailles de 4 km et de critères dérivés des cartes topographiques et géologiques. La méthode a été appliquée à la vallée de la Hunter, New South Wales (22 000 km). Classifications aux niveaux de 50, 100 et 150 classes.
  • Australie ; Comptabilité régionale ; Donnée ; Donnée manquante ; Economie régionale ; Géographie humaine ; Hunter Valley ; Multiplicateur régional ; Méthode GRITSSIC ; Méthodologie ; New South Wales ; Simulation ; Tableau d'entrée-sortie
  • L'A. étudie la culture du raisin en Australie, son histoire et son développement régional, la fabrication du vin, et présente deux localités, celles de Hunter Valley et Barossa Valley. - (SGA)
  • Here the AA. report on a reconnaissance survey of the 137Cs content of recent alluvial sediments in the Hunter valley, N.S.W., Australia. They attribute the absence of 137Cs from recent sediments, in part, to the nature and magnitude
  • Authors examine the uses of mountain commons in two villages in the manali area, Kulu Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India. Land settlement of 1886 provided local people with well defined resource rights and some local control over two resource areas
  • Radiocarbon chronology of a tephra layer in Rio Traful valley, province of Neuquén, Argentina in Quaternary of South America Antarctic peninsula. Volume 1.
  • The tephra deposition took place between 2780 40 C yr B.P. and 6030 115 C yr B.P.| an age closer to 3000 yr B.P. is favoured. The effect of the ashfall on the environmental conditions in which the prehistoric hunters of the area were living
  • is discussed. A correlation among three localities in the Rio Traful Valley is proposed. Some paleoclimatic inferences are made for post-tephra depositional times. (From the Author's abstract).
  • Evaluation d'une érosion en tunnel et de dépôts colluviaux associés en un site de la Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australie. Utilisation de l'isotope 137Cs pour dater les dépôts colluviaux du cône en accord avec un modèle hypothétique.
  • the participatory turn in government policy and the management imperatives of the integrated, catchment-wide approach of TCM. Drawing on empirical studies in the Hunter Valley, it is suggested that current information available for TCM is inadequate and reflects
  • Aménagement hydraulique ; Australie ; Barrage ; Communauté rurale ; Discours ; Décision ; Gestion de l'eau ; Hunter River ; New South Wales ; Résistance à la sécheresse
  • Australia ; Dam ; Decision ; Discourse ; Drought-proofing ; Hunter River ; Hydraulic works ; New South Wales ; Rural community ; Water management
  • Des résidents locaux de la Hunter Valley se sont mobilisés pour s'opposer à la construction d'un barrage, en faisant ressortir les impacts négatifs, et s'orientant vers des options plus durables. Il y a eu co-optation pour la notion de résistance à
  • Geomorphic controls on historical channel planform changes on the lower Pages River, Hunter valley, Australia
  • Entwicklungsprobleme des New Valley, Agyptische Sahara. (Development problems of the New Valley, Egyptian Sahara
  • (1967-1978) ; Colonisation agricole ; Egypte ; Géographie de l'Afrique ; New Valley Project ; New Valley, rég. ; Peuplement ; Politique agricole
  • Mise en oeuvre du projet de colonisation agricole et de peuplement de la New Valley, depuis le rapport fait par Schamp en 1967 plus particulièrement. (HSC).
  • The origin of certain wide valleys in the Canary Islands
  • Canary Islands ; Geomorphology ; Inverted relief ; Lava flow ; Model ; Valley ; Volcanism
  • The present work addresses a long-term controversy concerning the origin of Orotava Valley, one of the most peculiar valleys in the Island of Tenerife. Analysis of the key features of Orotava Valley leads to formulation of an hypothesis which could
  • be applicable to numerous volcanic areas. Such valleys are developed as volcanic valleys undergo lateral expansion due to repeated alternations of processes: initial erosion of the gorges by streams, the burial of the gorges by lava flows, and the inversion
  • of the relief by erosion at the base of valley walls.
  • The post to late glacial valley reconstruction on the Haramosh north side (Mani, Baska and Phuparash valleys)
  • Asia ; Glacial features ; Glacial valley ; Karokoram ; Lateral moraine ; Palaeo-environment ; Postglacial
  • The history of the landscape of the Haramosh valley is linked with the former glaciation history of the Indus Valley. The extent of the former glaciers Mani, Baska and Phuparash according to their glacio-geomorphic position, their snow line
  • depression and relative age classification, using the method of Kuhle, is reported in this article. A high glacial ice filling of the Haramosh valley and glacial erosion of the flat top of the Darchan ridge as an intermediate valley head is strongly probable.
  • A rational explanation of cross-profile morphology for glacial valleys and of glacial valley development
  • The purpose of this paper is, first to present an explanation of the cross-profile morphology based on the physical process of glacier flow and second to interpret development of the glacial valley cross-profile.