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  • Coping strategies in case of hunger of the most vulnerable groups among the Massa and Mussey in Northern Cameroon
  • Vulnerability, hunger and famine
  • Vulnerability, hunger and famine
  • Using average nutritive values of food actually consumed by individuals, the paper identifies regional concentration of hunger (food poverty) and its changes over time (1973-83) in rural India. There is a heavy concentration of hunger in the coastal
  • states which has persisted over time. Hunger seams to have increased in the states that are relatively prosperous. However there has been a general improvement in the quality of food intake.
  • The historiography of hunger: changing views on the world food problem 1945-1980
  • Coping with hunger : hazard and experiment in an African rice-farming system.
  • The space of vulnerability : the causal structure of hunger and famine
  • The AA. wish to explore, in theoretical terms, the interrelations between poverty, hunger and famine. They argue that their locally and historically specific configuration defines what is called a space of vulnerability. They also provide
  • Hunger und Überfluss. Ein Beitrag zur Welternährungslage
  • Food ; Food policy ; Food resources ; Hunger ; Malnutrition ; Overproduction ; Standard of living
  • Hunger, famine and the space of vulnerability
  • Vulnerability, hunger and famine
  • Hunger-vulnerable groups within the metropolitan food system of Khartoum
  • Cities of hunger. Urban food systems in developing countries
  • Food security, food systems and livelihoods : competing explanations of hunger.
  • Food ; Food consumption ; Food production ; Food security ; Hunger ; Living conditions ; Political economy
  • Internationales Hunger-Management und lokale Gesellschaft. Fallstudien über den Umgang mit Hunger im Tschad und Sudan (La gestion internationale de la faim et la société locale. Etudes de cas sur cette problématique de la faim au Tchad et au Soudan)
  • Local strategies for coping with hunger : Central Sierra Leone and Northern Nigeria compared
  • The geopolitics of hunger
  • The approach and activities of the Institute for development anthropology in food production, natural resource management, and the alleviation of hunger in developing countries in Famine in the focus of geography.
  • Hunger am Nil. Die überlebensstrategien der Fellachen von Beni Khalil
  • Cultivated land;Cultivated surface ; Egypt ; External debt ; Farming;Agriculture ; Food ; Food resources ; Hunger ; Livestock farming ; Population growth ; Village
  • Idle hands are the devil's tools : the geopolitics and geoeconomics of hunger
  • Bangladesh ; Employment ; Ethiopia ; Food ; Food aid ; Food security ; Geo-economics ; Geopolitics ; Hunger ; Indonesia ; Neo liberalism
  • A re-evaluation of the effort to alleviate poverty and hunger
  • Patterns of disease and hunger.
  • Costa Rica: transition to land hunger and potential instability in 1984 Yearbook Conference of Latin Americanist geographers.. (Proceedings. Volume 10)
  • How the other half dies: the real reasons for world Hunger