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  • Hungary's rural industry in Urban development in the USA and Hungary.
  • The regional problems of Hungary's transports system
  • Centralisation ; Hungary ; Transport ; Transport system
  • An investigation of the regional problems of Hungary's transport system. The A. attributes the present extreme centrality of Hungary's transport system partly to political and economic interests, and the effects of the Trianon peace treaty. - (JS)
  • Geography and reforms of administrative areas in Hungary in Geographical essays in Hungary.
  • The geographic division of public administration is primarily connected with the power and policy of the state concerned. In Hungary the development of the theory of economic regionalization was fundamentally determined by the Soviet school. (DLO).
  • Villages types in Hungary in Geographical essays in Hungary.
  • In Hungary about 40 per cent of village wage-earners are commuters, and thus residential function has become very important in the villages. Seven main types are identified according to the degree the village is able to meet the requirements
  • Poverty in Hungary
  • Relationships between the economy and environmental pollution in Hungary
  • Environment ; Environmental management ; Hungary ; Industrial pollution ; Pollution
  • The paper investigates the effects of the conomic policy of state socialism in Hungary on the state of the environment. It gathers information about the most important emission volumes and their geographical distribution for industry, agriculture
  • Geographical environmental research in Hungary in Geographical essays in Hungary.
  • The status of geographical education in Hungary in Geographical essays in Hungary.
  • Automation of thematic cartography in Hungary in Geographical essays in Hungary.
  • Regional differences in telefaw supplies in Hungary
  • Hungary ; Telecommunications ; Telematics ; Telephone ; Transmission network
  • This study covers the regional and settlement features of telefax facilities installed in Hungary. The introduction of this innovation started late in Hungary, compared to the West, and the process was greatly hindered by the low standards
  • The role of mineral resources in the economic history of Hungary in Geographical essays in Hungary.
  • The history of raw materials (with the changing definition of the concept) is followed in the territory of historical Hungary from the times of King Stephen I to our days. Mineral resources are gaining in importance to alleviate the heavy burden
  • The role of water in Hungary's environment
  • Agriculture ; Hungary ; Hydrology ; Water budget ; Water pollution ; Water quality
  • This paper gives a short overview about the hydrological conditions of Hungary with special attention to water budget and water quality problems. It begins with an overview to what extent Hungary is dependent on water, then the water budget
  • Position and potential of water tourism in Hungary and in the South Transdanubian region
  • Environment ; Hungary ; Natural environment ; Tourism ; Water
  • The main aim of this paper is to reveal the importance and the natural and economic background of water tourism in Hungary, especially focusing on South Transdanubia as a case study. After the introduction of tourism and its general importance
  • in Hungary the characteristics of water tourism are investigated, with special attention to seasonality, weather conditions, natural environment and its regional pattern. - (JS)
  • Political geographical issues of Hungary's accession to the European Union
  • European integration ; Hungary ; International relations ; Political geography ; Years 1990-99
  • In this paper the changes in the political geographical position of Hungary after the collapse of communism are examined. Special attention is paid to the gradual democratisation process of the country and the reestablishment of the old ties
  • with the heart of Europe. Author summarizes and evaluates the cornerstones of the accession of Hungary to Euro Atlantic organisations like the NATO and the European Union. - (JS)
  • Biostratigraphic and geomorphic investigations in areas of Hungary subsided during the Holocene
  • Biostratigraphy ; Holocene ; Hungary ; Lacustrine sedimentation ; Lake ; Mollusca ; Palaeo-ecology ; Palaeogeography ; Peat bog
  • Late Pleistocene and early Holocene crustal movements created subsidences in several areas of Hungary. Through the parallel study of basin fills and fossil faunas the A. attempts to reconstruct the Holocene geomorphic and biosuccessional evolution
  • of these areas of Hungary. The sedimentological and faunal investigations of 17 sampling sites in the best-studied depressions of Hungary resulted in the identification of 3 stages of evolution.
  • Counties or regions ? Some remarks to the question of regional development in Hungary and Poland
  • Administrative reform ; Comparative study ; County ; Hungary ; Poland ; Region ; Regional development
  • Poland and Hungary are two countries with strong connection in the past with similar experiences and historical background with a lot of similarities and differences. 1999 in Poland a great reform took place which described the administrative map
  • of poland. The three-level administrative structure was introduced. In Poland, the regional consciousness is relatively strong in Hungary instead of historical regions the role of the counties is significant. Joining the European Union Hungary has to come
  • Regional policy in Hungary : objectives and achievements
  • Economical and integration problems of the large-scale farming in Hungary
  • Hungary. An economic geography
  • Socialist agriculture in Hungary.