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  • Human trafficking in Thailand. Current issues, trends, and the role of the Thai government
  • Based on field studies, individual narrations and revelation collected and published by numerous NGO, the author addresses the reality of human trafficking in Thailand, direct studies, present facts, and dismisses stereotypes. It focuses
  • on the areas of fishing, agriculture, domestic work, sex work and the trafficking of children, weaving into the wider history of Thailand’s changing economy and labor situation. It also details how the Thai government has addressed the issue, reflects
  • on the roots of human exploitation, and suggests a way forward. - (GL)
  • The trade in human beings for sex in Southeast Asia
  • Asia ; Children ; Human rights ; Prostitution ; Slavery ; Society ; South-Eastern Asia
  • Since the 1990s human trafficking has been mentioned more frequently by the news media and has become a major concern for SEA governments. In recent years the trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation has been steadily
  • increasing at an alarming rate. This collection of 22 articles by scholars, covering all aspects of a complex social problem, gives a general statement on slavery, prostitution and trafficking in SEA. Underlying reasons are not only the ongoing process
  • Mobilising the child victim : the localisation of human trafficking in Singapore through global activism
  • Activism ; Children ; Human trafficking ; Mobilisation ; Network ; Singapore ; Transnationalism
  • Exploiting West Africa's children : trafficking, slavery and uneven development
  • Africa ; Children ; Human rights ; Labour ; Living standard ; Poverty ; Slavery ; Social inequality ; Uneven development ; West Africa
  • in the areas where reside the most vulnerable populations are unavoidable. All forms of human trafficking, included bonded labour and sex work, which long existed in the zone, have greatly increased in scope and speed of movement within the last decade. All
  • Cross border migrations and trafficking are the focus of intense scrutiny in SEA. The loss of sustainable agricultural livelihood has been an important push factor resulting in their informal and illegal movement. The pull factors are growing low
  • -wage employment in small-scale manufacturing, construction and transport. The principal area is currently known as the Quadrangle Economic Cooperation Zone or Golden Quadrangle. In the context of globalisation, labour migration and goods trafficking
  • Anti-trafficking regional cooperation in Southeast Asia and the global linkages from geopolitical perspective. Borders and anti-trafficking strategies between Burma, Laos PRD and Thailand
  • Clandestine immigration ; Eastern Europe ; Europe ; Human rights ; Human trafficking ; Immigration policy ; International migration
  • Africa ; Clandestine immigration ; Corruption ; Diplomacy ; Geopolitical strategy ; History ; Human trafficking ; Islamism ; Military base ; Policy ; Sahara ; Sphere of influence ; Territory ; Terrorism control
  • Belorussia ; District ; Frontier ; Human trafficking ; Poland ; Road traffic ; Russia ; Trans-border area ; Ukraine
  • Focuses on the organization of cocaine trafficking into cartels headquartered in Colombia. Description of international distribution networks in Europe and North America. Impact of the cocaine business on Colombia. - (DWG)
  • Cartel ; Communication ; Drug ; Internet ; Mexico ; Music ; Political geography ; Terrorism ; Violence ; cartel ; drug trafficking ; narco ; terrorism
  • as a struggle for regional political control; (b) narco-terror as a practice ordered by cartel leaders rather than spontaneous violence of foot soldiers; and (c) narco-terror as an expansion strategy from solely drug trafficking to other kinds of organised crime.
  • and/or emancipatory research in such circumstances is explored, through comparative analysis of the ethical issues involved in radical research on a range of trafficking scenarios.
  • Colonialism ; Historical geography ; Human trafficking ; Imperialism ; India ; Internationalization ; Nationalism ; Political geography ; Scale ; Sovereignty ; Twentieth Century
  • Benin ; Children ; Clandestine immigration ; Cultural studies ; Economic crisis ; Gabon ; Human trafficking ; International migration ; Legislation ; Slavery ; Social group ; Togo ; West Africa
  • Since 2003 thousands of people had been killed in a maelstrom of violence linked to what was officially called the ‘separatist insurgency’ by the authorities. Trafficking of goods and humans has always been rife in the deep South. While a mafia
  • When central Stockholm was renewed after 1945, the plaza of Sergels torg was laid out. The square became a centre for drug trafficking. The plaza fell into disrepute, which its periodic use for demonstrations and celebrations could not counteract
  • Coca and conservation : cultivation, eradication, and trafficking in the Amazon borderlands
  • Sex slaves. The trafficking of women in Asia
  • network and satellite-derived land use data. It shows that boundary-level interventions, such as targeted trafficking blockades at border locations, are critical in reducing the attractiveness of growing this illicit crop. The principle of least effort
  • national discourse and legislation. These efforts spatially fix tunnels to the border in ways that obscure fuller a understanding of drug trafficking in general. This paper employs archival research, content analysis, and informal interviews with security