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  • Improving village irrigation systems: an example from India
  • Improving Liverpool's housing
  • Housing improvement in an opportune setting: Cartagena, Colombia
  • Will Sayer's prescription for an adequate planning theory improve planning potency? A comment
  • Friarealforbedring i byfornyelsen. (Improvment of open space in urban renewal)
  • Improvement of open space in urban renewal. This discusses improvement of and adding new open space to old dense residential areas. (Ed.).
  • Can better environmental inputs improve sea clutter estimation? A numerical experiment
  • Examines the effects of better environmental inputs to a sea clutter model. Outlines and discuss the way of improving the existing sea clutter models. - (CB)
  • Cropping techniques in the Tropics for soil conservation and soil improvement
  • Contour cultivation, the establishment of contour ridges and contour hedges, the best suited way of tilling, are some of the great number of proven techniques which could be employed simultaneously for soil conservation and soil improvement. - (L'A.).
  • Algorithmic and technical improvements : optimal solutions to the (generalized) multi-Weber problem
  • The AA. demonstrate a new method for obtaining optimal solutions to the Multi-Weber Problem and prove the optimality of the results. The paper seeks to improve implementation of the algorithm to make the solutions economically attractive.
  • Voucher recipient achievement of improved housing conditions in the US : do moving distance and relocation services matter ?
  • Expertise ; Habitability ; Housing ; Housing improvement ; Residential choice ; Residential environment ; Satisfaction ; Service ; United States of America
  • Improving aggregate stability of sodic sandy loam soils by organics
  • The objective of this study was to examine at different application rates the effectiveness of some natural and synthetic organics in improving aggregate stability of sodic soils. An attempt has also been made by multi-index approach to select
  • Einsatzmoglichkeiten der Fernerkundung zur Standortuntersuchung für Hydromeliorationen in der DDR. (Applications for remote sensing to the investigation of stations for land improvement in the GDR)
  • Importance of stations surveying for land improvement and drainage particularly is described: rationalization by remote sensing experiences and aims of the utilization by of aerial photographs. Application of further remote sensing methods. (HL).
  • Measuring the demand for improved sanitation services: results of a contingent valuation study in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
  • Burkina ; Demand ; Enquiry ; Facilities ; Household consumption ; Ouagadougou ; Policy ; Sanitation improvement ; Urban infrastructure ; Urban planning ; Viability ; Water supply
  • The contingent valuation method relies on direct elicitation of consumer preferences and willingness to pay. The paper describes an application of the method to facilitate demand-driven planning for provision of improved sanitation in Ouagadougou
  • A description of the extreme aged population based on improved medicare enrollment data
  • Drainage;Sanitation improvement ; Historical geography ; Italy ; Land improvement ; Rural development ; Toscana
  • Improving agricultural efficiency through fertilisers
  • An improved approach to solution of the faculty assignment problem
  • Improving regional I-O models: evidence against uniform regional purchase coefficients across rows
  • The costs and benefits of improving older houses
  • Destriping multiple sensor imagery by improved histogram matching
  • Is it a long way to Tipperary? Suggestions for improving students locational knowledge