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  • Conceptualizing sunk costs in economic geography : cost recovery and the fluctuating value of fixed capital
  • Capital ; Capitalism ; Concept ; Economic cost ; Economic geography ; Firm strategy ; Industrial organization ; Sunk costs ; Value added
  • The first issue begs the question whether the introduction of this concept has occurred with due regard to the contexts set by academic fields where the notion originates. The second concerns the regional dimension of sunk costs, and a final concern
  • relates to the empirical measurement of these costs. These issues serve as the starting point of the formulation of an alternative view of sunk costs.
  • Hub facility location with fixed costs
  • Centrality ; Communication ; Location ; Network ; Optimization ; Spatial system ; Transport cost
  • The paper introduces fixed facility costs into a hub location model, making the number of hubs a decision variable. As an initial effort toward solving the model, a two-step procedure is devised.
  • Transportation and telecommunications costs. Some implications of geographical scale
  • This paper examines the relationship between distance and interaction costs and rates, with particular emphasis on the effects of geographical scale. Focusing on data from Israel, it demonstrates that the costs of distance are persistent even
  • in telecommunications systems, and that pricing does not reflect the costs of providing the services.
  • Discounting the economic costs of conservation and compensation
  • The economic costs likely to be imposed by protecting rock from quarrying at a site near Dunedin, New Zealand, are examined, and attempts are made to estimate compensation requirements. Protection of this site is expected to impose costs
  • on the quarryowners and society at a distant time. The choice of discount rate is of overriding importance in estimating the magnitudes of these distant costs.
  • Spread of low-cost carriers : tourism and regional policy effects in Spain
  • Aéroport ; Développement urbain ; Espagne ; Mobilité ; Politique régionale ; Tourisme ; Transport ; Transport aérien ; Transport low-cost
  • La configuration des nouvelles relations ligne aérienne-aéroport-intégration régionale. L'impact du trafic low-cost sur le réseau des aéroports espagnols. Les effets des opérations de transporteurs low-cost sur l'activité touristique. Tourisme et
  • politiques régionales en Espagne : une synthèse de l'évolution. Tourisme et politiques de développement régional en liaison avec les transporteurs low-cost.
  • Les travaux du Chanoine Hippolyte Coste concernant la flore de l'Aveyron in 104 session extraordinaire Grands Causses et Rouergue, Hommage au Chanoine Coste, 1974.
  • Aveyron ; Bibliographie ; Coste (Hippolyte) ; Flore ; France ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Midi-Pyrénées ; Végétation
  • Rappel des recherches de Coste et liste chronologique de ses travaux imprimés ou manuscrits concernant la floristique aveyronnaise. (Les AA.).
  • A note on the cost of crime to victims
  • The sand country of the ''Golden Cost'', Wellington, New Zealand
  • Differentiation of urban construction costs in light of environmental factors
  • The effects of generalized relocation costs upon intraurban household relocation
  • Cost-benefit analysis of wetland drainage
  • The impact of geographic scale and traffic density on airline production costs : the decline of the no-frills airlines
  • Air transport ; Competition ; Economic cost ; Firm strategy ; Overhead line ; Production cost ; Transport ; United States
  • A linear constraint formulation for spatial and temporal cost imputations in accord with Shapley values
  • Allocation ; Economic behaviour ; Economic cooperation ; Economic cost ; Game theory ; Mathematics
  • The objective of the model is to develop equitable divisions of the benefits and costs of cooperation by using cooperative game theory and by including linear constraints.
  • Economic cost ; Location ; Market ; Optimal location ; Pricing ; Spatial equilibrium ; Transport cost
  • The main objective of the study is to consider explicitly the ways in which alternative spatial pricing policies will affect location choice. The maximum-profit location is obtained by balancing price, demand, production cost, and transportation
  • cost of interdependent production units.
  • Attitudes of business leaders and professional ecologists toward regulating environmental social costs in South Africa
  • Attitude ; Behaviour ; Ecology ; Environment ; Perception ; Social cost ; South Africa
  • Both professional ecologists and business leaders believe that companies must take responsibility for the social costs of their actions should these impair ecological functioning. - (AJC)
  • Privatisation of housing and the impact of the Conservative Government's initiatives on low-cost homeownership and private renting between 1979 and 1984 in England and Wales | 2. implementation of low-cost homeownership policy
  • Privatisation of housing and the impact of the Conservative Government's initiatives on low-cost homeownership and private renting between 1979 and 1984 in England and Wales : 3. Impact and evaluation of low-cost homeownership policy
  • The space cost curve and variable transport costs
  • Racial residential segregation: is it caused by misinformation about housing costs? in Metropolitan and regional change in the United States.
  • The authors test the hypothesis that blacks overestimate housing costs in white neighborhoods and thereby fail to seek housing they can afford. They find, however, that blacks are knowledgeable about such cost. (Detroit area).
  • The space cost curve and variable transport costs: a general production function case