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  • Les travaux du Chanoine Hippolyte Coste concernant la flore de l'Aveyron in 104 session extraordinaire Grands Causses et Rouergue, Hommage au Chanoine Coste, 1974.
  • Aveyron ; Bibliographie ; Coste (Hippolyte) ; Flore ; France ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Midi-Pyrénées ; Végétation
  • Rappel des recherches de Coste et liste chronologique de ses travaux imprimés ou manuscrits concernant la floristique aveyronnaise. (Les AA.).
  • Differentiation of urban construction costs in light of environmental factors
  • Low cost home ownership : the extension of owner-occupation ?
  • The costs and benefits of improving older houses
  • Eléments bibliographiques concernant les régions visitées in 104 session extraordinaire Grands Causses et Rouergue, Hommage au Chanoine Coste, 1974.
  • The cost of conservation : a comparison of ESA and SSSI payment rates
  • Privatisation of housing and the impact of the Conservative Government's initiatives on low-cost homeownership and private renting between 1979 and 1984 in England and Wales : 1. The privatisation policies
  • Costs of production and the location of British industry
  • The opportunity cost of the sale of local authority rented accommodation
  • Evaluating land reclamation plans for Northern Friesland: an interregional cost-benefit and input-output analysis in 22nd European congress, Groningen, 1982.
  • Regional variations in transport costs in Britain with special reference to Scotland
  • I geografi di fronte ai problemi delle coste in La ricerca geografica in Italia 1960-1980.
  • El sector oleicola y el olivar: oligopolio y coste de recoleccion.
  • North Sea oil: benefits, costs and uncertainties
  • Cost, benefits and congestion of the M25, London's new orbital road. - (DWG)
  • Persistance de la bataille pour les droits nationaux des Tatars de Crimée en dépit de high costs and low benefits. (RB).
  • Brief debate on the issue of soviet transport tariffs and costs, as well as their regional impacts.
  • Regional policy incentives and the relative costs of capital in assisted areas in Britain and Germany
  • La couverture végétale en Rouergue et dans les Causses Majeurs: diversité, dégradation et sauvegarde in 104 session extraordinaire Grands Causses et Rouergue, Hommage au Chanoine Coste, 1974.
  • Improving the transportation network depends upon the overall economic pattern as well as the local planning framework. Decision making involves considering construction and running costs, related amenities and also non monetary factors
  • such as environmental costs. The Ile-de-France region serves as an outstanding observation spot since both its needs and accomplishment are larger than in any other place in France. (JPD).