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  • The costs of urbanization : a case study of Pakistan
  • Home ownership, the rental market and the cost of housing in New trends in urban planning. Studies in housing, urban design and planning.
  • Increasing agricultural production in Nepal : role of low-cost irrigation development through farmer participation.
  • The costs of resettling reservoir evacuees in northeast Thailand
  • Housing Asia's Millions: problems, policies, and prospects for low-cost housing in Southeast Asia.
  • Cost of production and price study of Nepalese handmade paper.
  • The welfare cost of Hong Kong's public housing programme
  • Immigrant woman: double cost or relative improvement?
  • Nainital is a Himalayan tourist center with a basin lake flanked by high ridges, easy access from the plains of north India, cool summers and a peaceful atmosphere for relaxation and recreation. Problems are the high cost of living, inadequate
  • varieties only when the material cost of irrigation is reduced to a reasonable level. In the lower part of the area floating rice cultivation will remain. - (SGA)
  • in the city suburb has fluctuated in the past and the cost of production has risen. Increase in population in the three western suburban counties and in yield is estimated and a fall in the availability of surplus is expected unless the suggested remedial
  • Shopping behaviour is analysed according to the selection of stores or shopping centers. The increase of miscellaneous expenses in the family budget is due to poor housing conditions which restrain expense of large consumption goods. The cheap cost
  • and distribution costs. However, it brought development to an otherwise backward area by giving it a system of growth poles. (TNC).