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  • The space cost curve and variable transport costs
  • Optimal funding policy for R and D projects aimed at cost reduction : the case of a new drug in psychiatry
  • The benefits and costs of the quantitative revolution
  • A branch-and-bound/flow-equilibrium algorithm for the approximate solution of total cost minimization problems in traffic networks
  • The A. shows that if a long-run cost function is incorporated into a Loschian model, counter-intuitive and novel performance characteristics can result. Under some circumstances welfare per area can decrease as cost levels decrease.
  • Probabilistic demands and costs in facility location problems
  • Minimum-cost distances in spatial analysis
  • d'itinéraires et de longueurs en espace métrique. Les AA. étudient les correspondances entre les deux types de distance (shortest-path et minimum-cost) : extension des propriétés, éventuelles relations fonctionnelles.
  • In the same study, we treat the dossiers of 3 years'surveys giving for each operation the cost of construction, the relevant programme (financing, area, etc.) and the building techniques used prefabricated roofs, concrete facade, etc.). From
  • into account the index of costs for consumption, the simultaneous evolution of quality and of cost is studied.
  • A cost-efficiency theory of dispersed network equilibria
  • Canada's elastic space: a portrayal of route and cost distances
  • Policy-induced distortions in spatial cost surfaces: the case of Ontario Hydro
  • Reconciliation of transportation costs and amenities as location factors in the theory of the firm
  • The Losch intra-urban model under conditions of changing costs functions
  • Multiday samples, parameter estimation precision, and data collection costs for least squares regression trip-generation models
  • Location theory and transportation costs
  • Cost, accessibility and weighted entropy
  • A cost-efficiency approach to the analysis of congested spatial-interaction behavior
  • Exploiting the two-stage approach and the envelope theorem, the AA. examine the role of Moses-Predohl pull in the cost minimizing location theory of the firm.
  • Asynchronous, iterative, and parallel procedures for solving the weighted-region least cost path problem
  • Equilibrium in a two-crop model with a low-cost transportation route