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  • An analysis of summer sun tourists - outbound package holidays from Dublin airport
  • Behaviour ; Choice ; Dublin ; Enquiry ; Holidays ; Journey ; Organization ; Summer ; Tourism
  • The paper is a study based on a questionnaire survey directed to package holiday-makers leaving Dublin Airport in summer for sun destinations. Consideration of the destinations and components of the holiday is followed by an investigation
  • of the booking process. Influences affecting the choice of holiday are explored. Possible relationships between the holiday destination, the holiday choice and booking processes and the previous package holiday experiences are tested.
  • Farm-based holidays
  • The dynamics of outgoing tourism: potentials and threats of holiday travel and destination choices
  • Demand ; Economic impact ; Holidays ; Netherlands (The) ; Recreation migration ; Supply ; Tourism ; Tourism potential ; Tourist flow ; Trip
  • Az idegenforgalmi potencial szamitogépes térképi meghatarozasa. (Automatic mapping and assessment of holidaying potentials)
  • The special requirements of long-term recreation/holidaying/are provided or restricted by the conditions of the physical and the socio-economic environment. Authors applied a computer program to assess the recreational potentials of areal units
  • Kei Mouth: anatomy of a village (Holiday resort or retirement centre?)
  • Kei Mouth has a dual function, holiday resort and retirement centre. The two functions dominate at different times of the year. A survey concentrated mainly upon the activities and characteristics of the permanent residents. AJC).
  • This paper investigates the essential features of the French population's holidays, since about ten years. It examines the main characteristics of participation rates in annual holidays, pointing out that well known inequalities are very slowly
  • Beach comfort index - a new approach to evaluate the thermal conditions of beach holiday resorts using a South African example
  • The climatic conditions of seven beach holiday resorts in South Africa (Alexander Bay, Cape Town, George, Port Elizabeth, East London, Durban and Richard's Bay) have been examined with regard to the thermal perception of beach holidays makers
  • month and the probability of beach days and thus providing understandable and interpretable information on the thermal conditions of the sites from the point of view of beach holiday makers.
  • Behaviour ; Holidays ; Italy ; Lodging ; Reception capacity ; Tourism
  • The tourism emerging from the crisis of the early 1990's is in fact the result of the desire to live the holiday as an opportunity to enjoy and see places and people and give free way to emotions. The new awareness of the tourist behaviour demands
  • that the supply must come from hospitality industry of a necessary large size, able to offer the holiday the same confort that we have in everyday life.
  • The choosy Dutchman. Routines in the holiday choice of Dutch tourists
  • This thesis deals with the holiday choice of Dutch tourists and the role of routines in these choices. The main focus was the selection of a specific holiday destination, particularly in terms of the distinction between domestic and foreign
  • Holiday bioclimatology : a study of Palma de Majorca, Spain
  • The impact of climate on holiday destination choice
  • Korean students' assessment of Australia as a holiday destination
  • Ansätze zu Marketingstrategien für Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof. (Approaches to marketing strategies for farmhouse holidays)
  • Free independent travellers ? British working holiday makers in Australia
  • Holidays ; International tourism ; Portugal ; Rural tourism ; Social change ; Tourism
  • Consumer behaviour ; Demand ; Holidays ; International tourism ; Leisure ; Mediterranean Sea ; Social change ; Spain ; Supply ; Tourism ; Tourism policy
  • Full-length study by a cultural geographer of the phenomenon of American nationalism : heros, holidays, rituals, commemorations, toponyms, iconography, monuments, and the flag. - (DWG)
  • Starting with the claim for collective equipment put forward by certain groups of the women's liberation movement, the author studies the case of a holiday village, in so far as it is a point of socialization of domestic tasks under the aegis
  • of organizations for social tourism, in a situation where it reproduces the particular labour force constituted by holidays with pay. The first part shows the production process of the collective equipment of a holiday village, in a plan for the urbanization
  • of the Languedoc and Roussillon coastline, and the contradictions which arise from the respective strategies of the central state and of organizations of the workers'movement. More precisely, the solution to these contradictions situates the holiday village
  • Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean rank among the most successful film series of the 20th century. These movies have had a serious impact on Tunisia as a holiday destination, the former movie locations in the northern desert areas and along
  • the long coast. Hollywood influences the entire tourist industry and plays an active role in shaping theme holiday packages. For instance, the imaginary locations of Star Wars in the desert and the sea pirates along the coast have become just as important
  • This study investigates daily, weekly, and seasonal variations of crime at underground stations in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. Findings show that crimes tend to happen more often in the evening, at night, on holidays, and on weekends
  • . There is also evidence of seasonal variations of crime. Stations with hiding spots are often targeted for crime during daily peak hours, whereas during holidays, crowded stations and those with alcohol selling outlets attract more criminal activities. Results