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  • Climatic fluctuation in the Czech lands during the last millennium
  • Climatic variation ; Climatic warming ; Czech Republic ; Global change ; Historical geography ; Little ice age ; Model ; Precipitation ; Temperature
  • On the basis of documentary evidence, proxy-data and instrumental observations, the climatic fluctuation during the last millennium in the Czech Lands is analysed. According to narrative sources, the warmest period falls between the 1260s-1380s
  • . The prevalence of extremly cold and also rainy periods, as an expression of the Little Ice Age, is most conspicuous in the 15th century. Since the latter half of the 19th century a rising temperature trend has manifested itself. A regional climatic scenario
  • 1994
  • Cenozoic ; Climatic variation ; Czech Republic ; Geomorphology ; Landscape ; Landslide ; Neotectonics ; Pseudokarst ; Quaternary ; Soil erosion
  • . These processes produced some typical forms controlled by rock properties, jointing, relative differences in height and climatic changes in the Cenozoic.
  • 1994
  • Climatic variation ; Crystalline rocks ; Czech Republic ; Earthquake ; Geophysics ; Human impact ; Natural hazards ; Tectonics
  • area of Jezeří Castle. Indicated are the types and regime of these movements which are climatic, tectonic and anthropogenous in origin. Both slightly and strongly deformed zones in the near-surface part of crystalline rocks massif were formed
  • 1994