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  • Prostranstvenite vrazki zadzemiepristaniste-korespondirasti pristanista The space links between the hinterland - ports - foreland
  • The theme poses many theoretical and practical problems. The hinterland should not be confounded with the portuary industrial complexes. On the exemples of Varna and Burgas seaports, the types, quantity and distribution of the loads were determined
  • by loading and delivery centers. Four types of hinterland are distinguished. The interaction with other transport facilities is analyzed. - (MB)
  • Kart over pendleromland 1960 og 1970 Commuting hinterlands in Norway 1960 and 1970
  • Two maps (scale1:1,000,000) compare potential commuting hinterlands of urban settlements, based on the accessibility of 1971, with empirical hinterlands delimited according to the frequency of commuting in 1960 and 1970. Text and appendix describe
  • A contribution to delineating the boundaries of the recreational hinterland of large towns
  • Aire de loisirs ; Analyse spatiale ; Grande ville ; Géographie humaine ; Hinterland ; Loisir ; Organisation de l'espace ; Typologie ; Ville
  • The hinterland of large towns is utilised with an extraordinary intensity for the short-term recreation. Four special bands can be differentiated: downtown band, suburban band, narrower rural recreational band, wider rural recreation band. (MS).
  • Entwicklungstendenzen der Stadt-Umland-Regionen von Gross-und Mittelstaädten in der DDR. (Tendencies in development of city-hinterland regions of towns with more than 40000 residents in the GDR)
  • Allemagne de l'Est ; Bassin d'emploi ; City-hinterland region ; Concentration ; Emploi ; Forces de production ; Ghum ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Hiérarchie urbaine ; Main-d'oeuvre ; Migration intérieure ; Région urbaine ; Ville-campagne
  • The paper begins with a description of the structure and function of city-hinterland regions, referring especially to their hierarchy. The proceeding process of urbanization allows the conclusion that the number of 160 city-hinterland regions
  • -hinterland regions: one includes 125 regions, the other variant contains the futural 75 regions. (HL).
  • Die Stadt Sirjan und ihr Hinterland. (The town of Sirjan and its hinterland)
  • Zu einigen Veränderungen der versorgungsräumlichen Stadt-Umland-Beziehungen in der DDR. (On some changes in the escope of relations of supply between town and hinterland in the GDR)
  • Supplying relations are determined by several specific relations between towns and their hinterland. The particular town-hinterland relations and their changes are closely connected with the quality of the corresponding functions of the local
  • Die Zentrumstypen der DDR nach ihrer Umlandsbedeutung ihre Ermittlung, Charakteristik und räumliche Verteilung. (Investigation, characterization and distribution of types of centres in GDR according to their importance for their hinterland)
  • This paper gives a survey on essential fundamentals of a standardization of GDR towns as regards their position and importance for their hinterlands. The standardization is based on a detailed analysis of the most important functions
  • (for the hinterland): retail trade, health services, education, cultural and sports facilities, public transport, commuting to work. (HL).
  • Antwerpen ; Belgium ; Flanders ; Harbour ; Harbour traffic ; Hinterland ; Logistics ; Port infrastructure
  • Analyse de divers aspects du port d'Anvers : spécificité du trafic, clientèle portuaire, occupation de l'espace, infrastructures et équipement, hinterland, logistique et installations spécialisées. - (EM)
  • British rural settlements in the hinterland of conurbations : a classification
  • Avant-pays ; Conteneur ; Espace portuaire ; Fonction portuaire ; Géographie humaine ; Hinterland ; Port ; Port commercial ; Site ; Situation ; Ville ; Ville portuaire
  • Les ramifications spatiales du port de commerce: site et situation| avant-pays, hinterland et complexe portuaire| divorce entre ville et port. (Vnm).
  • Equipement portuaire ; France ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Hinterland ; Lyon ; Port ; Port fluvial ; Rhône-Alpes ; Trafic
  • Description technique| trafic| hinterland actuellement limité à la région lyonnaise, mais dont l'extension est fonction de l'achèvement de l'aménagement du Rhône et de la liaison Rhin-Rhône.
  • Canadian regions: a hierarchy of heartlands and hinterlands in Our geographic mosaic: research essays in honour of G.C. Merrill.
  • News and metropolitan hinterland and hierarchy
  • Beyond urban economies : retail enterprise among immigrant groups in the hinterlands of the United States in the late nineteenth century
  • Community ; Core-periphery ; Ethnic minority ; Hinterland ; Immigrants ; Nineteenth Century ; Regional analysis ; Retail trade ; Shopkeeper ; Social geography ; United States of America
  • This article discusses the retail enterprise among immigrant groups in the hinterlands of the United States in the late nineteenth century. It shows that during this time, their concentration was greatest in the hinterlands of the West and South
  • Large projects in hinterland regions : a dynamic multiregional input-output model for assessing the economic impacts
  • Economic impact ; Hinterland ; Input-output model ; Investment ; Model ; Multiregional model ; Oil industry ; Project ; Regional economy
  • 'Information hinterland' - a base for financial centre development : the case of Beijing versus Shangai in China
  • Bank ; Beijing ; China ; Externalities ; Finance ; Financial services ; Firm concentration ; Hinterland ; Information ; Shanghai
  • Introduction : re-mapping the growth triangle : Singapore's cross-border hinterland
  • Cartography ; Globalization ; Hinterland ; Indonesia ; International economy ; Malaysia ; Singapore ; Trans-border cooperation
  • Port cities and hinterlands : a comparative study of Singapore and Calcutta
  • Calcutta ; Economic space ; Harbour ; Hinterland ; India ; Internationalization ; Malaysia ; Political reform ; Post-colonialism ; Singapore ; Town ; West Bengal
  • Dépendance ; Géographie humaine ; Hinterland ; Transport ; Transport maritime