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  • Comments on: Late-Pleistocene glaciation and climate around the Junin plain, central peruvian highlands
  • Slope stability and tephra mantles in the Papua New Guinea highlands
  • On distribution of slope deformations in the north-eastern part of the Vizovická vrchovina Highland in Eastern Moravia
  • Altogether ninety-three localities of slope deformation were identified in the NE parts of the Vizovice Highland, during the detailed geomorphological mapping. Special attention was paid to the deep-seated slope deformations in the central
  • mountainous slopes of the Highland. - (MS)
  • High altitude occupation and environment in Frost and drought in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.
  • Overview of New Guinea highland environment, history of settlement and agriculture. - (DWG)
  • Land settlement policy in the Scottish Highlands: a study of land reform in a developed nation in Development in Nordic and mountain settlements.
  • Géographie de l'Europe ; Highlands ; Royaume-Uni ; Réforme agraire ; Scotland
  • Skalni hriby v pislovcich Broumovské vrchoviny. (Mushroom rocks in sandstones of the Broumovska vrchovina (Highland))
  • Regional distribution and the morphogenesis of mushroom rocks in the Upper cretaceous block sandstones of the Broumovska vrchovina Highland (NE Bohemia). (MS).
  • The Highlands: changing approaches to regional development in An historical geography of Scotland.
  • Développement régional ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Highlands ; Histoire ; Histoire des idées ; Royaume-Uni ; Scotland
  • The beaches of the Highlands and Islands.
  • Biogéographie ; Fréquentation ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Géomorphodynamique ; Highland ; Ile ; Littoral ; Loisir ; Plage ; Ressource ; Royaume-Uni ; Scotland ; Tourisme
  • Cave sedimentation in the New Guinea Highlands
  • Caverne ; Géographie de l'Océanie ; Highlands ; Karst ; Micromorphologie ; Papouasie-Nouvelle Guinée ; Sédimentation ; Sédimentologie ; Zone intertropicale
  • Tourism and population change : long-term impacts of tourism in the Badenoch and Strathspey districts of the Scottish Highlands
  • Aménagement touristique ; Années 1961-1981 ; Développement régional ; Evolution démographique ; Flux migratoire ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Highlands ; Population locale ; Royaume-Uni ; Scotland ; Tourisme
  • Nonsorted patterned ground on mountains in the Northern Highlands of Scotland
  • Actuel ; Butte de sable ; Butte de terre ; Géographie physique ; Géomorphogenèse ; Géomorphologie climatique ; Highlands ; Microrelief ; Montagne ; Périglaciaire ; Royaume-Uni ; Scotland ; Sol figuré ; Tardiglaciaire
  • Observations on the 1972 frosts and subsequent relief programme among the Enga of the Western Highlands in Frost and drought in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.
  • Administration ; Agriculture ; Aide alimentaire ; Dégât des cultures ; Enga ; Gel ; Géographie de l'Océanie ; Intervention gouvernementale ; Migration intérieure ; Montagne ; Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée ; Risque naturel ; Western Highlands
  • Influence of soil moisture extremes on sweet potato yield in the Papua New Guinea Highlands in Frost and drought in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.
  • An experimental study that suggests that sweet potatoes undergo a major reduction in yield when an extended wet period is followed by a mild drought. Implications for understanding food suply in Highland New Guinea. - (DWG)
  • Denudational isostatic rebound of intraplate highlands : the Lachlan River valley, Australia
  • This paper combines field and modelling data to argue that the geology and geomorphology of part of the inland margin of the southeast Australian highlands are consistent with isostatic rebound due to erosional unloading during the Neogene.
  • Afforestation projects in highland Ecuador: patterns of success and failure
  • In reviewing the 20-year history of tree planting in the Ecuadorian Highlands, the A. asserts that the social structure and economic possibilities of the community explains the rate of success of these reforestation projects. - (DWG)
  • The future : questions for policy and research in Frost and drought in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.
  • Summary of what has been learned about frost in New Guinea that can be applied to administer policy and comments on the same natural hazard in tropical highlands elsewhere in the world. - (DWG)
  • Geomorphological aspects of glaciation in the Oldřichov Highland, Northern Bohemia, Czechia
  • Oldřichov Highland was glaciated during the Middle Pleistocene in the valley at Mníšek near Liberec. The southerly advancing ice lobe pushed through Oldřichov Col (478 m) and terminated 400-500 m to the south of the col. The maximum extend
  • Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.
  • Agriculture commerciale ; Cameron Highlands ; Espace rural ; Malaisie ; Minorité ethnique ; Montagne ; Thé ; Tourisme
  • A forest of contradictions : producing the landscapes of the Scottish Highlands
  • Using the case of Scottish Highlands, the AA. explore the question of expanding forest cover, in an attempt to critically explain regional land-cover change. Two divergent forestry practices and ecologies have been formed in the wake of economic
  • Counter-urbanization in societal context: long-distance migration to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland
  • Comportement ; Contre-urbanisation ; Exurbanisation ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Highlands ; Island authorities ; Migration interrégionale ; Migration intérieure ; Préférence ; Qualité de la vie ; Royaume-Uni ; Rurbanisation ; Région éloignée