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  • Regional taxonomy. A comparison of some hierarchic and non-hierarchic strategies
  • Method for describing spatial hierarchical structure of urban facilities
  • The AA. propose a new practical method of describing a hierarchical structure. Based upon empirical observations, they assume that the size of a facility is measured by certain numerical values such as population and that a facility is dominated
  • by the nearest facility which has a larger size. Under these assumptions, they can represent the hierarchical structure of facilities in terms of a tree graph. They notice from the empirical study that the hierarchical structure of retail stores in Nishinomiya
  • is more similar to the random hierarchical structure model than to Christaller's model. - (KA)
  • Algorithm 13 : Strong component hierarchical clustering
  • Regional allocation of investment as a hierarchical optimization problem
  • Hierarchical structures and periodicity in geology and geography
  • The suggested application of hierarchical systems to geology and geography offers a new view on the evolution of the Earth and a new classification of geosciences. The application of these systems allows the individual fields of geosciences
  • Modelling hierarchical destination choice
  • Hierarchical trip distribution models and the design of accounting systems in Spatial representation and spatial interaction.
  • A hierarchical regionalization of Japanese prefectures using 1972 interprefectural migration flows
  • Towards a hierarchical system of models to coordinate national and regional economic developments in Seventh Pacific conference, Surfer's Paradise, 1981.
  • Hierarchicka struktura okresu CSR. (Hierarchical structure of districts in CSR)
  • The gravity model and hierarchical spatial systems: theoretical and empirical observations
  • Information, hierarchical model structures and forecasting: a case study of the stock of dairy cows in England and Wales
  • Hierarchical levels in spatial analysis
  • Multiscale statistical models for hierarchical spatial aggregation
  • The AA. introduce a new, general framework for multiscale statistical modeling and inference that is explicitly designed for a broad class of geographic data. The key structural assumption underlying these models is that of a set of hierarchically
  • A hierarchical change model of business and professional services in the United States
  • Sectors in business and professional services showed different types of location changes during the study period because they are in different stages of a general hierarchical process, which is conceptualized in a three-stage descriptive model
  • Optimum location of hierarchical production units with respect to price-elastic demand
  • This paper suggests that a non-hierarchical approach to scalar comparisons may afford a clearer view of environmental relationships operating at different scales. The paper then evaluates the effects of these non-hierarchical, multi-scale
  • Hierarchical classification of service centres
  • Three-phase hierarchical allocation of university resources via interactive fuzzy goal programming
  • Analyse typologique ; Espace urbain ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Hierarchical grouping ; Méthodologie ; Optimisation ; Région homogène ; Régionalisation ; Ville
  • Exemple d'application de l'analyse typologique (Hierarchical grouping) dont la méthode semble appropriée à l'analyse spatiale. Elle permet d'obtenir le découpage d'un territoire quelconque en essayant de maximiser l'homogénéité de chaque partie en