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  • Moisture trajectories associated with heavy rainfall in the Appalachian region of the United States
  • Appalachian Mountains ; Atmospheric circulation ; Atmospheric moisture ; Heavy rain ; Mountain ; Orographic effect ; Precipitation ; Seasonal variation ; United States of America ; Weather type
  • Synoptic data associated with a sample of 554 heavy rainfall events is utilized to carry out a trajectory analysis that identifies the movements of moisture towards region of heavy rain. Both seasonal and regional variations are found
  • in the moisture trajectories associated with heavy rain events occurring in three regions in the Appalachian study area.
  • Torrential rains in central Karakoram, 9-10 September 1992 : geomorphological impacts and implications for climatic change
  • Debris flow ; Heavy rain ; Mass movement ; Monsoon ; Pakistan ; Slope
  • Descriptions of the effects of rockfalls and mudflows in the Braldu Valley, northern Pakistan, below 3000 m elevation that were triggered by the heavy rains of a late nonsoonal incursion. - (DWG)
  • Precipitation fluctuations and the incidence of heavy falls of rain in South Yorkshire
  • Climatic trends of different intensity heavy precipitation events concentration in China
  • China ; Climatic trend ; Climatic variability ; Flood ; Forecast ; Heavy rain ; Monsoon ; Precipitation ; Statistics
  • their statistical characteristics, mainly including spatial and temporal distributions, variations and climatic trends of the 2 parameters of the durative heavy precipitation events in China.This method can be applied in flood assessment and climate change fields.
  • Study on Xu Xia-ke's travels of the extraordinary cold in the 17th century and the extra long heavy rain in Yunnan Province in 1638
  • China ; Climatic cooling ; Climatic variation ; Cloud cover ; Heavy rain ; Historical geography ; Palaeoclimate ; Seventeenth Century ; Yunnan
  • Situaciones atmosféricas tipo que provocan aguaceros torrenciales en comarcas del mediterraneo espanol. in Las lluvias catastroficas mediterraneas. (Weather type situations that bring heavy rain in the Mediterranean provinces of Spain)
  • The effects of heavy winter rains and rare summer rains on biological soil crusts in the Negev Desert
  • Biological soil crusts (BSCs) abound in the Hallamish dune field in the western Negev Desert, Israel. The aim of this paper is to examine crust responses to winter and summer rains, focusing particularly on its biomass components, chlorophyll
  • of the BSCs increase 2–3-fold following winter rains; much higher species composition was monitored at the BSC during the winter; summer rain substantially deceased the chlorophyll content of the crusts; summer rains may alter species composition and biomass
  • Spatial, synoptic, and seasonal patterns of heavy rainfall in the southeastern United States
  • Air mass ; Alabama ; Arkansas ; Atmospheric dynamics ; Cyclogenesis ; Florida ; Heavy rain ; Louisiana ; North Carolina ; Precipitation ; Rainstorm ; Seasonality ; Southern United States ; Spatial variation ; Statistics ; Synoptic climatology
  • This paper examines the synoptic climatology and seasonality of heavy rainfall across the southeastern United States, in adopting a threshold approach. Frontal systems (particularly cold fronts) were found to be the dominant mechanism that induces
  • heavy rainfall across the study area, but tropical disturbances and air-mass storms also contribute, especially at the more coastal locations. Annual regimes were found to vary dramatically from one site to another, and 7 of the 8 sites investigated
  • Heavy rain ; Natural hazards ; Ocean atmosphere interaction ; Pluviometry ; Precipitation ; Spain ; Valencia
  • Catastrophe ; Flood ; Flood control ; Heavy rain ; Inundation ; Natural hazards ; Portugal ; Precipitation ; Preventive measure ; Territorial planning
  • Climatic variability ; Europe ; Flood ; Historical climate ; Historical geography ; Little ice age ; Meltwater ; Ninth Century ; Precipitation ; Radiation ; Rain anomaly ; Twentieth Century ; Volcanism
  • Information on extreme rains and floods during the last millennium is gathered on the basis of various records. It is possible to distinguish heavy downpours, continuous rains, rainy seasons, rapid snowmelts and combinations of all of them
  • . On this basis the A. describes phases with higher and lower frequencies of extreme rains and floods in Europe in a regionally-differentiated manner. The phase of the Little Ice Age is well expressed throughout Europe, although its particular events were never
  • Applied geomorphology ; Catastrophe ; Environmental degradation ; Flood ; Heavy rain ; Japan ; Kyushu ; Mass movement ; Natural hazards ; Slope dynamics ; Slope gradient ; Urbanization
  • by sediment discharge caused by heavy rainfall took place in July 1982.
  • Agroclimatology ; Catastrophe ; Climatic data ; Heavy rain ; Nigeria ; Precipitation ; Seasonal variation ; Soil erosion ; Splash ; Statistics
  • for improving current knowledge on the erosive nature of tropical rains.
  • Some socio-ecological aspects of agricultural land-use under tropical heavy rain conditions. A case study of Naravi village, south India in Géographie et écologie des milieux tropicaux.
  • Atmospheric circulation ; China ; Cyclone ; Diurnal variation ; Heavy rain ; Land atmosphere interaction ; Monsoon ; Precipitation ; Southwest China ; Spatial distribution ; Synoptic climatology ; Temperature ; Topography ; Weather type
  • This study aimed first to clarify the distribution and diurnal variability of Mesoscale Convective System (MCS) occurences and their relations to the in-situ records of heavy rain events in the SW area including complex topography
  • Chemical erosion ; Granite ; Heavy rain ; Honshu ; Ibaraki ; Japan ; Mass movement ; Mineralogy ; Slope ; Slope gradient ; Soil properties ; Weathering
  • Soil slips occur every few years due to heavy rains on biotite granite and hornblende biotite granite slopes in the Taga Mountains, Ibaraki Prefecture. The AA.examine the effect of bedrock mineral composition on soil-layer structures and its effect
  • Agroclimatology ; China ; Climate ; Climatic trend ; Heavy rain ; Northern China ; Precipitation ; Temperature ; Time series
  • -September, the rainy season. Heavy rain evenys show no significant show no significant secular trend. There is a weak and non-significant upward trend in frequency of extremely high temperatures from the 1950s to the mid-1990s. But the number of hot events
  • Air mass ; Avalanche ; Forecast ; Heavy rain ; Landslide ; Norway ; Orographic effect ; Precipitation ; Weather type ; Wind
  • were classified as warm sector precipitation. It may be important to re-evaluate the forecasting criteria for heavy rain in north Norway.
  • Flood ; Forecast ; Heavy rain ; Numerical model ; Precipitation ; Simulation ; Texas ; United States of America ; Weather type
  • This paper explores the meteorological causes and predictability of the South-Central Texas Flood. A composite analysis identifies the large-scale weather patterns associated with extreme rain in Texas. The 2002 event is compared to these composite
  • simulations is then described to investigate the ability of numerical models to reliably predict the amount and location of heavy rainfall during this event.
  • Agricultural damage ; Agriculture ; Agroclimatology ; Climatic event ; Drought ; Frost ; Heavy rain ; Impact ; Inundation ; Natural hazards ; Precipitation ; Spain ; Valencian Community