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  • Using the solutions of equation of heat moisture transfer under conditions of relative humidity assignment on acting surface and convergence of heat balance the paper gives the calculated formulas for determination of change of turbulent heat flow
  • under irrigation and heat expenditures on evaporation. The analysis showed that maximum influence of irrigation on evaporation and turbulent flow of heat is revealed in most arid regions - in eastern part of Central Karakum and western part of Kyzylkum
  • . Here, in July, supplementary evaporation by irrigation reaches 250 mm, but the changes of turbulent heat flow - 100-110 Vt/m2 and even more.
  • Global change ; Greenhouse effect ; Heat balance ; Heat transfer ; Lake ; Mathematical model ; Model ; Salt lake ; Surface temperature
  • . The processes contributing to the unique influence of lakes on permafrost are (in order of decreasing importance) : the ratio between winter and summer heat transfer coefficients, storage of accumulated summer heat beneath lake snow cover, and asymmetry of lake
  • Parameterization of the monthly mean vertical heat transfer at the earth's surface
  • Active layer ; Air temperature ; Alberta ; Canada ; Geothermics ; Groundwater ; Heat transfer ; Mountain ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost ; Snow cover ; Soil temperature
  • to the lower limit of continuous permafrost. The 20-year record permits the identification of 2 new processes in heat transfer in the ground which have not previously been demonstrated in the natural environment.
  • Soil temperature records obtained from the active layer above permafrost at a site in northern Alaska during autumn and winter have variance spectra inconsistent with a purely conductive heat-transfer system.
  • Convection ; Heat transfer ; Mountain ; Norway ; Soil temperature ; Thermal anomaly ; Thermal regime
  • Algorithm ; Heat transfer ; Hydrodynamics ; Impact ; Lake ; Model ; Numerical model ; Wind
  • Advective heat transport in frozen rock clefts : conceptual model, laboratory experiments and numerical simulation
  • Climatic change ; Crack ; Experimentation ; Heat transfer ; Meltwater ; Model ; Mountain ; Numerical model ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost ; Rock ; Rockfall
  • Laboratory experiments and numerical simulations based on the model indicate that latent heat release due to initial ice aggradation can rapidly warm cold bedrock and precondition it for later thermal erosion of cleft ice by advected sensible heat
  • . The timing and duration of water percolation both affect the ice-level change if initial aggradation and subsequent erosion are of the same order of magnitude. The surplus advected heat is absorbed by cleft ice loss and runoff from the cleft so
  • Effects of unfrozen water on heat and mass transport processes in the active layer and permafrost
  • Active layer ; Alaska ; Cold area ; Freeze-thaw cycle ; Heat transfer ; Model ; Permafrost ; Soil temperature ; Thermal regime ; Water
  • Interpretation of nighttime infrared digital data recorded over Belgium by the heat capacity mapping mission. A. Optical comparison of thermal map-like printouts with soil association and forest maps
  • Belgique ; Cartographie thématique ; Forêt ; Généralités sur la géographie ; HCMM ; Heat Capacity mapping mission ; Image satellite ; Paysage naturel ; Sol ; Taxonomie ; Thermographie ; Télédétection
  • of the line print and the map and of the lineprint and the Landsat multispectral colour composite by means of B and L Zoom Transfer Scope. A good correlation was found between the thermal image and the distribution pattern of major geographical units. Forests
  • Atlantic Ocean ; Heat exchange ; Heat flow ; Heat transfer ; North Atlantic Ocean ; Ocean atmosphere interaction ; Ocean circulation ; Sea water
  • . Transfer of heat and matter between land and water ecosystems goes on during a process of formation and dispersion of local fogs. - (DG)
  • , lakes) on topoclimatic conditions were studied. Heat and radiative balance of an active surface, temperature and humidity of air, wind speed and its directions as well as local atmospheric circulation were characterized for particular type of terrain
  • Agroclimatology ; Bioclimatology ; Carbon cycle ; Concept ; Ecosystem ; Energy transfer ; Handbook ; Heat transfer ; Higher education ; Plant canopy ; Temperature ; Territorial planning ; Water ; Wind
  • Atmosphere ; Evapotranspiration ; Heat transfer ; Land atmosphere interaction ; Mathematical model ; Meteorology ; Model ; Radiative transfer ; Soil ; Vegetation
  • Atmosphere ; Heat transfer ; Model ; Numerical model ; Ocean ; Ocean atmosphere interaction ; Ocean circulation ; Pacific Ocean;Pacific Region ; Surface temperature
  • Atlantic Ocean ; Comparative study ; Heat transfer ; Indian Ocean ; Marine hydrology ; Oceanology ; Pacific Ocean ; Sea level ; Water circulation
  • Algorithm ; Dammed lake ; Forecast ; Heat transfer ; Hydrology ; Model ; Water stratification ; Water temperature
  • The conditions favourable for the comprehensive development of the North China Plain are seen in terms of land and heat resource for agriculture, industrial and urban growth with a dense transportation network, as well as accumulated experience
  • . Long term development depends on improved water supply by the transfer of water from South China to the North, regulation of flow on the rivers Huanghe, Huaihe, and Haihe, and soil conservation in the upper reaches. (TNC).
  • Energy ; Energy balance ; European part of Russia ; Heat transfer ; Human impact ; Large town ; Moscow ; Polluted water ; Waste treatment