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  • General survey of young migrants situations
  • Cognitive mapping abilities of young boys and girls
  • Environmental cognition of young children: images of journey to school and home area
  • The first part of the article presents the conception and the main results of a study realised by a group of German geographers about the behaviour of young people in leisure time. The second part gives an example of the study which was prepared
  • in Münster. It shows that the behaviour of young people is only partially determined by spatial variables.
  • Maps and cognitive maps: the young child's perception
  • The A. analyzes the phenomenon of attractive young women, usually clad in bathing suits or less, in travel advertisements to tropical destinations. - (DWG)
  • Migration and occupational choice among young labor force entrants : a human capital model
  • Joint effect of personal factors and ecological variables on the interprovincial migration pattern of young adults in Canada : a nested logit analysis
  • Young people's attitudes to new technology in Devon : an element in regional growth potential
  • Migration of young labor force entrants
  • The way in which young children are able to externalise about place and space using free-recall sketching, large-scale plans and aerial photographs is examined. The choice of technique is shown to have a considerable bearing upon children's imagery