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  • The Ramu-valley in North-East New Guinea is the result of the young geological development of the North of the Central Ranges lying areas. As such it is part of a long trough formed in the Late Tertiary and since filled with sediments from
  • the enclosing mountains of which the Coastal Ranges itself have only been formed by an upheaval since the Late Tertiary too. The alluvial deposits of the Ramu-valley are divided in dissected older fans and younger floodplains of varying degreee. Large areas
  • The northern part of the reef has grown upward with the rise in sea level, reef flat development commencing prior to 6000 yr BP. The southern part is considerably younger. (Author).
  • , while the younger, black organic soils are of Holocene age, with intervening horizons of aeolian deposition. Karstic weathering features are described. (E.C.F. BIRD).