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  • Old wives or young midwives? Women as caretakers of health| the case of Nepal in Geography of gender in the Third World.
  • Origin of Younger faulting in the Kiso Mountain Range, Central Japan, in the view of tectonic and climatic geomorphology
  • Crisis, pseudocrisis, or supercrisis: poverty, women, and young people in the Himalaya. A survey of recent developments
  • This book is published as the celebration of Mr. Nishimura's seventieth birthday. Mr. Nishimura is one of famous professor on the central place study in Japan. This book is contained of 13 reports written by the young professors. These reports
  • Adoption of a multiregional demographic model to study the demographic behaviour of Hokkaido in relation to the national context. Results show a striking high rate of out-migration of young people in the 15-19 years age-group from Hokkaido
  • This paper utilizes a log-linear model to analyze data of The Multi-Purpose Household Survey| Jordanians Abroad 1975. The findings indicate that the Jordanian emigrants are mainly young males (15-34 years of age) from the Amman District, most
  • This paper focuses on the coastal plain, including three younger deltas, i.e. the delta near Tiajin, the modern delta, and the abandoned delta. In the first two deltas, land subsidence, both natural and man-induced, is serious, and local sea-level
  • The areal structure of the elderly (65 years old and over) in Osaka Metropolitan area. Although it is regarded as an area of younger residents, the central city is aging rapidly. Suburbs too have changed to an aged community due to migration moves
  • Seven types of coastal landforms as related to peculiar processes may be distinguished: brackish water swamps, deep sweet water swamps, shallow sweet water swamps, peripheral marshland, natural levees of rivers, younger beach ridges, and older beach