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  • Managing strangerhood : young Sikh men’s strategies
  • Adaptation ; Foreigner ; Glasgow ; Scotland ; Social geography ; Societal relations ; United Kingdom ; Young people
  • This article draws upon qualitative research with young Sikh men growing up in urban Scotland to explore the complex strategies enacted by these young men in responding to being placed in the position of the stranger. The strategies employed
  • by the young men include educating others, managing multicultural intimacies, affiliating with the Scottish nation, and travelling far to socialise with friends. Overall, this paper offers a relational, embodied, and emotional set of insights into young Sikh
  • men’s strategies for managing being cast as strangers and demonstrates the agency and creativity of the young men in doing so.
  • General survey of young migrants situations
  • Young workers in a deindustrialising economy : the case of Christchurch, 1976-1996
  • Deindustrialization ; Employment ; Local economy ; Local labour market ; New Zealand ; Occupational activity ; Part-time work ; Service ; Young people
  • The article explores the employment destinations of young adults in the Christchurch labour market from the 1970s to recent times with a view to identifying how labour market opportunities facing them have changed.
  • On the mineralogical and petrological properties of the younger loess in Hungary in Loess and the Quaternary: Chinese and Hungarian case studies.
  • Loess in Hungary is divided into younger and older loess. The younger loess is subdivided by five forest steppe paleosols. A brief account is given of the mineralogical and petrological and grain size investigations of the individual horizons. (DLO).
  • The young geographers and their research : 1936-1943
  • Association de géographie ; Ecole américaine ; Etats-Unis ; Histoire de la géographie ; Pratique de la géographie ; Recherche ; Young geographers
  • The housing pathways of young people in the UK
  • Housing ; Private sector ; United Kingdom ; Young people
  • The authors examine the housing pathways of young people in the UK in the years 1999 to 2008, and consider the changing nature of these pathways in the run up to 2020. They employ a highly innovative methodology, which begins with the identification
  • and description of key drivers likely to affect young people’s housing circumstances in the future. The authors describe how the interactions between the meanings, perceptions, and aspirations of young people, and the opportunities and constraints imposed
  • by the drivers, are having a major impact on young people’s housing pathways, resulting in considerable housing policy challenges, particularly in relation to the private rented sector.
  • Understanding ethnic differencies in the migration of young adults within Britain from a lifecourse perspective
  • Ethnic group ; Great Britain ; Internal migration ; Life cycle ; Residential mobility ; United Kingdom ; Young adults
  • The paper aims to better understand the complexities of ethnic group migration in Britain, and why young adults of some ethnic groups are more residentially mobile than others. It draws on theories of norms of transition to adulthood. It shaws
  • ethnic similarities, but there are differences between ethnic groups in levels of internal migration and in how young adult life events are associated with migration. Partnership brings increased residential mobility for White British and Chinese young
  • adults but reduces mobility for young adults from Black and South Asian ethnic groups.
  • Invisible carers : young people in Zimbabwe's home-based healthcare
  • Enquiry ; Health ; Informal sector ; Medical geography ; Medical services ; Service ; Young people ; Zimbabwe
  • Hilltop geography for young children : creating an outdoor learning laboratory
  • Set in rural New Mexico, the AA. describe a year-long integrated geography program that involves young students (ages 6-8) in a hands-on laboratory approach to exploring their immediate environment and providing a stepping stone
  • Child care demand and labor supply of young mothers over time
  • The paper uses panel data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (United States) to analyze jointly fertility, employment, and child care decisions of young women over time.
  • Difference ; Espace vécu ; Gender ; Hispanics ; National identity ; Perception ; Social space ; United States of America ; Young people
  • The A. explores the ways in which Latinas, young US-born Mexican-descent teenage girls, construct national belonging through difference : corporeal, spatial, and temporal difference between themselves and their Mexican contemporaries, young
  • Une approche géographique moderne à la fin du XVIII siècle: A Tour in Ireland d'Arthur Young
  • L'A., un géographe, analyse un ouvrage d'Arthur Young qui présente une approche intéressante de la géographie. (CBP).
  • Fiatal lepusztulasi szintek, jelenkori geomorfologiai folyamatok a Pannonhalmi-dombsagon. (Young erosional surfaces and recent geomorphic processes in the Pannonhalma Hills)
  • The occurrence of young erosional surfaces, the major features of drainage changes in the Pleistocene, the formation of derasion valleys and landslides and the types and distribution of recent geomorphic processes are studied. (DLO).
  • Riftward younging of volcanic units in the Addis Ababa region, Ethiopian rift valley
  • A general riftward younging of surficial volcanic units is a feature of the Addis Ababa sector of the Ethiopian rift valley. The narrowing of the volcanic zone with time in due to crustal necking and topographical control.