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  • Game availability and hunter participation: a study of Washington elk hunting
  • A travel cost study of duck hunting in the Upper South East of South Australia
  • Australia ; Avifauna ; Cost-benefit analysis ; Environmental management ; Humid environment ; Hunting ; South Australia
  • Wetlands yield a range of values to their owners and to the wider community. One such value is that generated by duck hunting in the region. The non-monetary benefits received by duck hunters through their enjoyment of hunting in wetlands
  • are the primary focus of the paper. In order to estimate these values, a travel cost survey of duck hunters participating in an organised shoot was undertaken. The extent of the private recreation benefits is assessed in terms of their potential to stimulate
  • The hunting activities of hunters in the Western Cape Province
  • Cape Province ; Hunting ; Leisure ; Nature conservation ; Resource management ; South Africa
  • Hunting is examined as a form of recreation and wildlife resource management in the Western Cape. The nature, extent and participation in hunting were surveyed, with recommendations for future management. - (AJC)
  • Mines, Wines and Thorouhbreds : Towards Regional Sustainability in the Upper Hunter, Australia
  • Australie ; Changement climatique ; Développement régional ; Enclavement ; Espace clos ; Hunter River ; New South Wales ; Planification
  • Australia ; Climatic change ; Enclave ; Hunter River ; New South Wales ; Planning ; Regional development ; bounded space
  • Régions durables, développement régional durable. Etablissement de la soutenabilité d'une région. Introduire la Upper Hunter Region. Trois industries : charbon, vins et chevaux de race. La durabilité de cette région. La Upper Hunter : becoming
  • Hunting the Snark: perspectives on geographical investigation
  • Hunting life of the Bambote: an anthropological study of hunter-gatherers in a wooded savanna in Africa 2.
  • The hunters of Euboea: Mountain folk in the classical Mediterranean
  • Antiquity ; Civilization ; Community ; Cultural studies ; Greece ; Historical geography ; Hunting ; Mountain ; Social system ; Way of life
  • Changing evaluations of flood plain hazard. The Hunter River Valley, Australia
  • Australie ; Catastrophe ; Estimation ; Géographie de l'Océanie ; Hunter Valley ; Inondation ; Lit majeur ; New South Wales ; Perception ; Plaine d'inondation ; Protection ; Risque
  • Sable hunting in Eastern Siberia in the early 18th century
  • Asian part of Russia ; Buryatiya ; Eastern Siberia ; Eighteenth Century ; Historical geography ; Hunting
  • Environment ; Forest ; Hungary ; Hunting ; Nature conservation
  • In the second half of the 19th century hunting had a preeminent role in the protection of wildlife and forests. Thus, at the beginning, nature conservation in Hungary was closely associated with hunting. This is clearly reflected by the contemporary
  • hunting journals, amply cited by author. By the end of the century it had been recognized that forests are not only the sources of economic benefits but are the bases for good feeling and health and, consequently, forests have to be preserved
  • The getting of the Nganabbarru : observations and reflections on Aboriginal buffalo hunting in northern Australia
  • Aborigines ; Australia ; Conflict ; Cultural studies ; Fauna ; Hunting ; Land management ; Management ; Northern Territory
  • The experience of buffalo hunting trips with Aboriginal men in central Arnhem Land is used as a point of departure to consider the relationships between Aboriginal people and megaherbivores, and to explore the complexity of feral animal management
  • Strangler figs in a stand of dry rainforest in the lower Hunter Valley, NSW
  • Canada ; Consumption ; Cultural studies ; Ethnic community ; Fishing ; Food ; Hunting ; Northwest Territories ; Way of life
  • The persistence of hunting and fishing in the face of resource development is part of a deeper response that native people in northern Canada feel toward nature. - (DWG)
  • The trappers of Patuanak: toward a spatial ecology of modern hunters
  • Recent adaptive shifts among Palanan hunters of the Philippines
  • An inquiry into the evolutionary status and apparent identity of San hunter-gatherers
  • Mirror in the forest: The Dorobo hunter-gatherers as an image of the other
  • Plant hunting in Nepal.
  • After the king of beasts : Samuel Baker and the embodied historical geographies of elephant hunting in mid-nineteenth-century Ceylon
  • Colonialism ; Ethics ; Fauna ; Historical geography ; Hunting ; Nineteenth Century ; Sri Lanka
  • The paper focuses on the exploits of S. Baker and some of his contemporaries. It critically engages with existing work on hunting and colonial natural history by examining interwoven human and nonhuman experiences, exploring elephant hunting
  • Cree hunters’ observations on resources in the landscape in the context of socio-environmental change in the Eastern James Bay
  • Amerindians ; Canada ; Climatic change ; Cultural studies ; Enquiry ; Ethnic community ; Hunting ; Landscape ; Living conditions ; Man-environment relations ; Quebec ; Wildlife
  • The article examines the understanding of Cree hunters in relation to shifts in landscape resources and in particular the availability of two key subsistence wildlife species as a result of climatic and socio-environmental changes
  • and their subsequent impacts on Cree subsistence activities and Cree culture. These results are based on questionnaires and interviews conducted among Cree hunters of the Eastern James Bay.