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  • Hugh Clapperton, 1788-1827
  • Hugh Clapperton came into the field of geographical work after a career in the British navy. He participated in a government-sponsored mission of scientific and geographical enquiry from Tripoli to explore the interior of northern Africa beyond
  • L'hypothèse de la transgression de la glace marine a été proposée par Denton et Hughes (1981) comme point de départ d'une glaciation. Les étapes de transition de la glace de mer aux plateformes de glace puis aux dômes et à la couverture glaciaire
  • HUGHES, T. J.
  • Hugh of St Victor (1096–1141) and Anglo-French Cartography
  • Abbey of St Victor ; Allegory ; Augustinians ; English Victorines ; France ; History of cartography ; Hugh of St Victor ; Lawrence of Westminster ; Middle Ages ; Twelfth Century ; United Kingdom ; biblical exegesis ; mappamundi ; medieval libraries
  • et la carte murale d'Hugues.#Recent research in England and France on twelfth- and thirteenth-century cartography posits Hugh of St Victor as an important source for ideas incorporated in maps of the period. P. D. A. Harvey and Patrick Gautier Dalché
  • have noted Hugh's influence, and Peter Barber has described a ‘third-stream’ of map making flowing from Hugh's concepts of mapping through the Munich Isidore map (c.1130) and into a group of important Anglo-French mappaemundi. This article shows how
  • Hugh's theography—his theological cartography—reached England from the Royal Abbey and School of St Victor in Paris. To do this I outline Hugh's image-based teaching and major theographical works, and then set out which English monastic libraries had
  • copies of books with mappaemundi by Hugh and/or of Peter Comestor's Hugonian Historia scholastica. I then map the presence of Victorine canons in English religious institutions as well as the communications between a selection of these institutions and St
  • Victor, focusing on the role Hugh's disciple, Lawrence of Westminster, played in disseminating Hugh's ideas at priories and abbeys with world maps. Finally I offer a conjectural carto-genealogy tying these institutions and their maps to St Victor
  • and Hugh's wall map.
  • Ecological analysis of the urban underclass : commentary on Hughes, Kasarda, and O'Regan and Wiseman in The urban underclass.
  • Baltique ; Dryas supérieur ; Dynamique glaciaire ; Europe ; Glace ; Glaciation ; Géographie physique ; Marge glaciaire ; Modèle de Denton Hughes ; Quaternaire ; Scandinavie
  • Le modèle de Denton et Hughes implique la présence d'un dome glaciaire principal à glace basale chaude, dans le golfe de Bothnie pendant la période du Dryas supérieur. Les conséquences de ces conditions glaciaires et climatiques sont exposées.
  • HUGHES, J. W., (Editeur scientifique)