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  • Sediment transport in the Hope River, Jamaica: a tropical drainage basin characterized by seasonal flow in Erosion et transports solides dans les eaux continentales.
  • Climat tropical humide ; Cours d'eau ; Crue ; Fluviatile ; Géographie physique ; Hope, fl. ; Jamaïque ; Turbidité ; Zone intertropicale
  • La Hope est caractérisée par des crues exceptionnelles de grande puissance et par un excédent saisonnier de style tropical humide. L'A. dégage un certain nombre de relations déjà connues en dynamique fluviale: relation générale entre la turbidité et
  • les débits (une turbidité supérieure à 60g/l est possible avec un débit supérieur à 20m/s), turbidités à débit égal plus élevées dans la phase de montée de l'hydrogramme de crue qu'en décrue. (RFC).
  • CLARKE, C. G.
  • GOULD, W. T. S.
  • long-term strategies to solve the refugee crisis locally when there is no hope of repatriation. With the mass influx of refugees after the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 the integrated approach of rural settlements can no longer be an adequate strategy
  • Bibliography ; Climatic change ; Duricrust ; Ecosystem ; Land use ; Precipitation ; Soil erosion ; The 2000's ; Water erosion
  • highlighted, and it is hoped that this will promote a better understanding of water erosion processes and related hydrological issues.
  • universities think of their field and what they hope to achieve for it, within the first decade of the 21st century. - (EN)
  • of effort has been necessary, because of the nature of the projects employed. These problems might seem to be overcome by the proposed national network of planning regions, but the orientation of planning does not give much hope for a more equitable spread
  • MORRIS, A. S.
  • In the early 1960's, for about ten years, a lot of upheavals altered the town of Nîmes. The western part of the city received the greater part of public investments: the wholesale food market of national level, the industrial estate of St Césaire
  • region. At last the residential areas sprouted up, the great number of new flats revealed how great the hopes of urban development were. But would these structures lead to an increase in urban growth?.
  • SAVEY, S.
  • Fragmentation, conflict and hope in the neoliberal city : urban space in Latin America and the Caribbean. Special theme
  • RAHMAN, S.[b1]
  • AXON, S.[b1]
  • [b1] Dept. of Geography, Hope Univ., Liverpool, Royaume-Uni
  • permeability within the soil profile. By doing so, the AA. hoped to improve their understanding of how stormflow pathways may have been affected by disturbance and how these effects have recovered over time.
  • FICHTER, G. S.
  • K 100-letiju so dnja rozdenija akademika L.S. Berga Pour le centième anniversaire de la naissance de l'académicien L. S. Berg
  • 1876-1946 ; Berg (L. S.) ; Bibliographie ; Ecole géographique ; Histoire de la géographie ; Paysage naturel ; URSS
  • Articles de: Gerasimov (I. P.): introduction| Murzaev (E. M.): la carrière et l'oeuvre de L. S. Berg| Isacenko (A. G.): les idées de Berg sur la géographie du paysage, leurs sources et leur importance actuelle (bibliogr. 7réf.)| Rihter (G. D
  • .), Kamanin (L. G.): souvenirs personnels sur L. S. Berg.
  • PETROV, A. G.