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  • Crown Land disposal in the Cape of Good Hope 1853-1914
  • The Cape of Good Hope granted 26 million hectares to settlers in the period discussed. The problems of colonising progressively more arid environments resulted in constant reviews of legislation and a measure of experimentation until the land
  • The hopes and failures of public housing in Nigeria a case study of Kulende and Adewole housing Estates, Ilorin
  • The pattern of urban concentration has changed only slightly since the creation of new states in 1967. The government in its 1980-1985 plan hopes to allocate investment to the new state capitals for the development of the infrastructure
  • The central Cape of Good Hope has an arid climate and has been subject to environmental degradation as a result of overgrazing by small stock. Continuing rural-urban migration has resulted in locally severe depopulation and farm abandonment. (AJC).
  • Afrique du Sud ; Banque ; Cape Province ; Cape of Good Hope ; Entreprise ; Epoque coloniale ; Firme ; Géographie de l'Afrique ; Histoire économique ; Impérialisme ; Siècle 19
  • Traditionnal moorish society founded the organization of space upon a diversified and careful utilization of water. Recent social changes and drought have brought with them a new frame of space with its hopes and its contradictions. (JPD).
  • Afrique du Sud ; Attitude ; Facteur socio-culturel ; Good Hope, Cape ; Géographie de l'Afrique ; Géographie historique ; Histoire urbaine ; Localisation ; Perception ; Peuplement ; Port ; Siècle XIX ; Transvaal