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  • Crown Land disposal in the Cape of Good Hope 1853-1914
  • The Cape of Good Hope granted 26 million hectares to settlers in the period discussed. The problems of colonising progressively more arid environments resulted in constant reviews of legislation and a measure of experimentation until the land
  • 1984
  • The central Cape of Good Hope has an arid climate and has been subject to environmental degradation as a result of overgrazing by small stock. Continuing rural-urban migration has resulted in locally severe depopulation and farm abandonment. (AJC).
  • 1984
  • to be both protected from other persons and linked fraternally with them. They hope that their life runs smoothly and yet know that it is subject to drastic change, and finally they all confront as individuals the irreducible fact of death, that last
  • 1984
  • is expected to bring about complementary industries and trade. A brief survey of other agricultural and industrial potentials of the province is then given as the bases for bright hopes. (TNC).
  • 1984