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  • Some temporal aspects of hail in the Transvaal
  • The diurnal, seasonal and annual patterns of hail days are examined. Hail day frequency appears to be inversely related to rainfall periodicity in the main summer rainfall region. - (AJC)
  • Modelling hail frequency using a generalised additive interactive technique
  • Hail ; Model ; Precipitation ; South Africa ; Statistics ; Summer
  • Relationships between hail day frequency, altitude and latitude in the summer rainfall region of South Africa are investigated by means of generalised additive models. - (AJC)
  • Temporal and spatial distributions of damaging hail in the continental United States
  • Catastrophe ; Climatic hazard ; Damage ; Hail ; Interannual variability ; Natural hazards ; Precipitation ; Spatial distribution ; United States of America
  • Insurance data for hail damages to property during the period 1949-2006 were assessed to define the spatial and temporal distributions of losses in the United States. Assessment of the causes of catastrophes revealed that some were due just to hail
  • , some due to a tornado and hail occurring together, and some from events with damages due to hail, tornadoes, and flooding. Each of these 3 types of hail cases were analyzed, and the amounts of loss due just to hail were identified in all cases
  • , and then used in the final assessment of losses from hail.
  • Influence of hail suppression on the hail trend in Serbia
  • Agricultural damage ; Agroclimatology ; Climatic data ; Climatic trend ; Hail ; Precipitation ; Preventive measure ; Serbia ; Statistical analysis ; Synoptic climatology
  • The influence of hail suppression by silver iodide seeding on the trend in the number of hail days (hail trend) in the Republic of Serbia was studied in 3 cases in periods whith or without hail suppression : (1) in Vojvodina region, Northern
  • Province of Serbia (2) in Serbia proper (Serbia without the Provinces), and (3) on the two adjacent territories of Vojvodina and Serbia without the Provinces. The hail trend in Serbia was calculated on the basis of all observed data from all synoptic
  • and climatological stations for the period 1967 to 2009. The results associate hail suppression with the stagnation of the hail trend rather than its decrease, and show that hail suppression did not have statistically unique influence on the hail trend.
  • The relationship between altitude and hail frequency in the Transvaal
  • An exponential function is developed to describe the relationship between Transvaal hail day frequency and altitude. Some anomalies are also explained.
  • Is hail suppression useful in Serbia? General review and new results : Natural hazards 2013
  • Data analysis ; Hail ; Human impact ; Impact ; Meteorology ; Natural hazards ; Serbia ; Weather control ; Weather type
  • Anthropogenic influence on weather has been frequently discussed in the last decades. The article deals with the hail suppression, which was believed to have no influence on weather. Although considered a scientifically ungrounded activity, hail
  • suppression was carried out in the Republic of Serbia when many developed countries had already given up. The analysis of data between 1967 and 2010 showed that the hail trend in Serbia is rising which opposes previous claims that hail suppression decreases
  • Hail detection using single-polarization radar
  • Cartography ; Hail ; Netherlands (The) ; Precipitation ; Radar ; Remote sensing
  • Structure of an evolving hailstorm. PartV. Synthesis and implications for hail growth and hail suppression
  • Hail: meteorology, damage, prevention and forecasting
  • Spatial and temporal distribution of intense convective weather thunderstorms and hail in China
  • A hail climatology of the greater Sydney area and New South Wales, Australia
  • Atmospheric disturbance ; Atmospheric dynamics ; Australia ; Climatology ; Hail ; New South Wales ; Precipitation ; Rainstorm
  • The diurnal distribution of large hail over the United States
  • Résultats d'observations à l'aide de radars Doppler au cours du National Hail Research Experiment (NHRE) de 1973.
  • 1971 ; Estimation ; Grêle ; Géographie physique ; Hail-pad ; Italie ; Météorologie ; Orage ; Précipitation ; Réseau d'observation ; Station expérimentale ; Tempête ; Type de temps ; Veneto ; Verona
  • Exemple d'utilisation de la méthode du hail-pad, complétée par l'observation visuelle pour évaluer l'impact d'une forte tempête de grêle à l'intérieur de l'aire expérimentale de Negrar. La densité du réseau d'observation (au moins une jauge par
  • Examples of the wind factor in crop-hail damage
  • The scales of hail
  • Adjustments to natural hazards: factors affecting the adoption of crop-hail insurance
  • Crop-hail damage in the Midwest Corn Belt
  • Agglomération ; Birmingham ; Edinburgh ; England ; Environnement urbain ; Espace urbain ; Habitat urbain ; Newton ; Politique régionale ; Royaume-Uni ; Ville industrielle ; Wester Hailes
  • externes (les influences urbanistiques et les politiques régionales et générales) qui agissent sur les agglomérations pour en améliorer durablement la qualité. Sont étudiés les exemples de Newtown, Birmingham, Wester Hailes et Edimbourg. - (HPB)
  • Alicante ; Atmospheric circulation ; Catastrophe ; Cold air pool ; Hail ; Natural hazards ; Precipitation ; Rainstorm ; Spain