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  • Dams and geomorphology : research progress and future directions
  • Dams and geomorphology. Special issue
  • This paper reviews the development of geomorphological knowledge of channel changes below dams in 3 phases : channel dynamics, the role of riparian vegetation, and channel change as the driver of ecological regime or steady-state models should
  • Geomorphology and American dams : the scientific, social, and economic context
  • Dams and geomorphology. Special issue
  • This paper emphasizes the downstream effects of dams. In the scientific context, present research is embedded in a history of geomorphology in government service, with indistinct boundaries between basic and applied research. The federal policy
  • that most strongly influences present geomorphological investigations connected with dams is related to habitat for endangered species, because the biological aspects of ecosystems are directly dependent on the substrate formed by the sediments and landforms
  • Dams and geomorphology. Special issue
  • Dams and geomorphology. Special issue