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  • Joseph Newell Jennings in Fluvial geomorphology. In memoriam J. N. Jennings.
  • Isaac Schattner. In memoriam in Research contributions to the physical geography of Israel. Studies in fluvial and coastal geomorphology of arid and mediterranean regions.
  • The fields where Béla Bulla remarkably contributed to geography are geomorphology (periglacial phenomena, loess and terrace morphology| climatic geomorphology), landscape geography, the history of geography and the organization of geographical
  • On scales of investigation in geomorphology
  • A meteorologist-climatologist evaluates one of the major fields of Béla Bulla's activity, his contribution to climatic geomorphology. (DLO).
  • interesting information in the domain of geomorphology, of climatic conditions, of soil types and of the vegetation cover. (D'après les AA.).