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  • Contemporaneous geomorphological processes in Longyeardalen, Vestspitzbergen (Svalbard)
  • Geomorphology during Holocene in Brededal, West Greenland-particularly concerning the marine impact
  • Coastal geomorphology: pure and applied
  • Geomorphologische Kartierung im Oobloyah-Tal, N-Ellesmere Island, N. W. T., Kanada = Geomorphological mapping in the Oobloyah Valley, northern Ellesmere Island, N. W. T., Canada
  • Zur Geomorphologie des Expeditionsgebietes Oobloyah Bay, N-Ellesmere Island, N. W. T., Kanada = Geomorphology of the expedition area Oobloyah Bay, northern Ellesmere Island, N. W. T., Canada
  • The geomorphology of Teshekpuk lake in relation to coastline configuration of Alaska's coastal plain
  • Zur Geomorphologie von S-Dickson Land (W-Spitzbergen) mit Schwerpunkt auf die quartären Vergletscherungsgeschichte. (Geomorphology of S. Dickson Land (W. Spitsbergen) with main emphasis on the Quaternary glacial history)
  • Geologiczne i geomorfologiczne slady würmskich i holocenskich zlodowacen w rejonie Hornsundu, Spitsbergen. in Polskie badania polarne 1970-1982.. (Geological and geomorphological evidence for Würm and Holocene glaciations in the Hornsund region
  • Geological and geomorphological investigations, carried through by the authors to the south and the north of Hornsund, supplied with new data on Würm and Holocene glaciations in this part of Spitsbergen. Most information from that came from
  • Geologic and geomorphologic research in the Lisbet Valley and Kulmstranda proved a glaciation of the southern coast of Hornsund during the Würm/Vistulian/Glaciation. Maximum of this glaciation, expressed by an advance of glaciers in Hornsund
  • Icings and their geomorphological significance exemplified from Oscar II Land and Prins Karl Forland, Svalbard in Results of investigations of the Second Torun polar expedition, Spitsbergen-1977 and Third Torun polar expedition, Spitsbergen 1978.