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  • Géomorphologie structurale du batholite de Galway (Connemara, Irlande occidentale). (Structural geomorphology of the Galway batholith (Connemara, Western Ireland))
  • Le batholite de Galway est la plus vaste intrusion tardi-calédonienne d'Irlande occidentale. Les formes de relief d'échelle moyenne sont déterminées par l'héritage structural de la mise en place plutonique. Les paramètres classiques d'appréciation
  • Morphodynamiques récentes dans le Massif Central français : étude comparée des massifs granitiques du Limousin, de Margeride et du Mont Lozère in Geomorphology of European Massifs.
  • Action anthropique ; France ; Granite ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Géomorphodynamique ; Géomorphologie climatique ; Héritage géomorphologique ; Massif Central ; Périglaciaire
  • Environmental geomorphology in Hungary in Environmental and dynamic geomorphology.
  • The double aim of geomorphology in Hungary (its impact on the main factors of the physical environment and on land use and economy on the one hand and the effects of relief instability and dynamic disequilibria on human activity on the other
  • Environmental and dynamic geomorphology.
  • The collection is dedicated to the First International Congress on geomorphology, Manchester, Sept. 1985. Case studies are drawn from Hungary that illustrate the interactions between landforms and other environmental factors, long-term relief
  • evolution, landform typologies and geomorphological mapping. Papers on geomorphological concepts underline the increasing role played by geomorphology in regional and physical planning. (DLO).
  • The principal geomorphological units of Europ recognized in the 1: 1 000 000 geomorphological map of Poland in Pour Fernand Joly.
  • Repeatedly buried and exhumed relict forms. Explanation of geomorphological surfaces in Environmental and dynamic geomorphology.
  • Geomorphological surfaces (erosional surfaces, pediments, terraces and others) and their dating are indispensable tools for the reconstruction and staging of long-term relief evolution. An evolution model of repeated erosional and burial periods
  • The applicability of large-scale geomorphological mapping to erosion control and soil conservation in a research area in Tuscany in Applied geomorphological mapping : methodology by example.
  • In the context of a long-term project in a north-Mediterranean research unit, detailed soil erosion surveys have been carried out. Role of the large-scale geomorphological mapping in erosion research on the basis of the geomorphological map
  • Geomorphological and paleohydrographical research based on geoelectrical prospection (South Campine, Belgium)
  • Geomorfologie van de Zuiderkempen. (Geomorphology of the southern Campine)
  • Geomorfologické pomery Zemplinskych Vrchov Geomorphological conditions of the Zemplinske Vrchy mountains
  • Results of geomorphological investigation on the basis of a complex geomorphological analysis. They allowed to outline a scheme of relief development of horst morphostructure during the Neotectonic stage, consequent on interpretations about the West
  • A geomorphological profile, Hedemarken, Norway
  • made it possible to distinguish between different landforms, to define geomorphological units as landforms of second order and to classify geomorphological regions. (IMB).
  • Geomorfologicky vyvoj dolniho Poohri Geomorphological development of the lower Ohre river basin
  • Geomorphological investigations of the middle and lower Ohre basin noted for a complicated Pleistocene development on the boundary of three orographical systems of the Bohemian Highlands Ore Mountains, Berounka System and Bohemian Plateau
  • , with detailed geomorphological map. (MS).
  • Geomorfologicka charakteristika reliéfu jizni casti. (Geomorphological characteristics of relief of southern part of Znojmo region)
  • The Znojmo region is one of the most important areas for the solution of general geomorphological problems of the eastern border of the Bohemian Highland. The analysis based on the results of a detailed mapping presents a basic picture and probable
  • geomorphological features in this area. (MS).
  • The geomorphological evolution of the Tatra Mountains of Poland in Geomorphology of European Massifs.
  • Some examples of applied geomorphological maps from Czechoslovakia in Applied geomorphological mapping : methodology by example.
  • Principles and methods of estimating erosion hazard around Lake Balaton in Environmental and dynamic geomorphology.
  • Author attempts to help measure sediment load, differentiate it in space and time using information from geomorphological maps. (DLO).
  • Sopron kornyékének kialakulasa és felszinalaktana. (Development and geomorphology of the Sopron region)
  • Following an outline of palaeogeography, author gives an overall geomorphological description and map of the landscape. The landforms are primarily controlled by fluvial accumulation, derasion and tectonic processes. (DLO).
  • Regionalne geomorfologické clenenie SSR. (Geomorphological regionalization of Slovakia)
  • The authors present a new geomorphological division of Slovak territory worked out to a scale 1: 200000| documented by a map to 1: 1mil. The work is based on the analytical regionalization, issued from the complex concept of relief. Supplementary
  • Geomorphological mapping in alluvial plain and the assessment of environmental quality in Environmental and dynamic geomorphology.
  • significant geomorphological types are delimited and mapped and the value of areal units for agricultural use is established. (DLO).
  • Environmental geomorphological investigation of loess bluffs for protection against landslides in Environmental and dynamic geomorphology.
  • , geomorphological and other environmental factors have been mapped. (DLO).