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  • Studies on the geomorphological features of the fluvial plains in Japan focusing the distribution on the geomorphological land classification and its application
  • The geomorphology of the fluvial plain based on the landform order, especially the distribution of intermontane depressions and gorges in the upper reaches. Geomorphological land classification and its application especially for geomorphological
  • Urban geomorphology in Kuala Lumpur
  • Geomorphology of the Himalaya : a climato-tectonic framework
  • This paper describes the plate tectonics setting, geology, topography, precipitation, erosion processes, sediment yield, and geomorphology of the Himalaya, and, using a climato-tectonic framework, discusses the north-south variation in geomorphology
  • across the Himalaya. The paper concentrates on the Nepal Himalaya, where erosion rates, geomorphology, and geology are better known.
  • A geomorphological study of the Punjab Plains and the Northern part of the Thar desert in India
  • A geomorphological study of slopes in the Nongstoin region
  • Review and prospect of experimental studies on fluvial geomorphology in China
  • The purpose of this paper is to review the achievements in fluvial geomorphic experiments and to predict the tendency in their development. The laboratories and stations in geomorphology in China are briefly listed.
  • Applied geomorphological mapping in South China in Applied geomorphological mapping : methodology by example.
  • Recent economic development in South China has provided many opportunities for the application of geomorphological mapping techniques. The paper shows three examples applied to the planning of agriculture in the Hanjiang River delta, the re
  • On the geomorphology of the Gulf of Elat-Aqaba and its borderlands in Beiträge zur Geomorphologie und Länderkunde. Prof. Dr. Harmut Valentin zum Gedächtnis.. (Contributions to the geomorphology and regional geography. To Professor Harmut Valentin's
  • A critical review of existing literature and published maps with a combined interpretation of aerial photographs and available satellite imagery serves to map geomorphologic units in the region of the Gulf of Elat-Aqaba. An attempt is made
  • Relationship between geomorphology and soils in the Mand river basin, Madhya Pradesh
  • Geomorphological analysis plays an indispensable role in soil survey and mapping. The process and formations of different landforms under a unique morphogenetic environment help in understanding the role of factors of soil formations in development
  • Applied geomorphological mapping of Indonesia
  • In 1983, a pilot project was initiated for an applied geomorphological mapping programme for Indonesia, financed by a World Bank loan. The area between Semarang and Rembang, central Java, was selected as being quite representative for the Indonesian
  • Engineering geomorphology: the application of an evolutionary model of Hong Kong's terrain in Applied geomorphology.
  • Glacial and periglacial geomorphology in Japan
  • Relationship between geomorphology and flooding in the Ichinoseki Plain of the Kitakami River Basin, Japan
  • Artificial coastlines: the example of Singapore in Geomorphology of changing coastlines.
  • Neotectonic and geomorphological evolution of Turkey
  • Geomorphological surveys and natural hazards zoning, with special reference to volcanic hazards in central Java in Applied geomorphological mapping : methodology by example.
  • A geomorphological study of the Balganga Basin : Garhwal Himalaya in Western Himalaya : environment, problems and development. Volume 1. Environment.
  • Climatic and non-climatic controls of aridity : the case of the northern Negev of Israel in Arid and semi-arid environments. Geomorphological and pedological aspects.
  • The uplands and lowlands of Tokyo : a geomorphological outline
  • Geomorphology in China