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  • Some recent Brazilian studies in fluvial geomorphology
  • Geomorphology and soils of Sipaliwini Savanna, South Suriname
  • A description of the landscape system of Sipaliwini Savanna. The relation between geomorphology and soil development is stressed.
  • Geomorphological mapping in Cuba. The case of the National Atlas
  • Pleistocene geology and geomorphology of the Smoking Hills Upland and lower Horton River Arctic coast of mainland Canada
  • Geomorphology and sedimentology of the Toro Amarillo alluvial fan in humid tropical environment, Costa Rica
  • Predicting the surface wind characteristics of southern Wyoming from remote sensing and eolian geomorphology in Interpretation of windflow characteristics from Eolian landforms.
  • Coastal dunes of Ontario: distribution and geomorphology
  • Geomorphology of the middle Caqueta basin of eastern Colombia
  • Tower karst geomorphology in Belize in Problems in Karst Environments.
  • Retreating cliffs in the humid tropics: an example from Paraiba, northeastern Brazil in Geomorphology of changing coastlines.
  • Sediment supply and morphogenic response on a high wave energy west coast in Geomorphology of changing coastlines.
  • Geomorphologic relationships and ages of soils on alluvial fans in the Rio General Valley, Cosata Rica
  • Holocene epoch coastal geomorphologies based on local relative sea-level data and stratigraphic interpretations of paralic sediments
  • Compacted soil horizons in Western Canada in Soils and geomorphology.
  • This paper presents the glacial geomorphology, stratigraphy and relative sea-level history of this area and of adjacent Ward Hunt Island as they relate to the last glaciation.
  • Geomorphological mapping with interest in the extent of glacial erosion giving, at the same time, a comprehensive treatment to a possible danger threatening Quito in case of a volcanic eruption of Pichincha. (MS).
  • Late Quaternary geology and geomorphology of the Elk Valley, southeastern British Columbia
  • Slave River delta : geomorphology, sedimentology, and Holocene reconstruction
  • A reconstruction of Holocene geomorphology and climate, western Cypress Hills, Alberta and Saskatchewan
  • Beziehungen zwischen Relief, Boden und Nutzung im Küstengebiet des südlichen Mittelbrasilien. in Beiträge zur angewandten Geomorphologie-Contributions in applied geomorphology. (Relations entre le relief, les sols et l'utilisation du sol dans les