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  • Coastal geomorphology in The geomorphology of Southern Africa.
  • The littoral zone is one of the most complex geomorphic systems subject to many geomorphological factors, including waves, sediment supply, climate sea levels and tectonics.
  • Teaching aspects of South African coastal geomorphology
  • A plea is made for a better understanding of basic geology in the teaching of coastal geomorphology. The South African coastal geomorphology is then examined as an illustration. - (AJC)
  • Geomorphology of the Cape Peninsula in Southern African landscapes : a geomorphological field guide.
  • Four geomorphological studies of Morocco and the North-West Sahara
  • Contient les études suivantes: B. J. SMITH: A review of climatic geomorphology and Quaternary climatic change in the Northwest Sahara| An introduction to the landscape evolution of the Tafilalt region Southeast Morocco| P. A. WHITTEL
  • , Geomorphological history of an area of Southeast Morocco| Downstream pebble shape variations in a Wadi Tributary to the River Ziz, Southeast Morocco.
  • The geomorphological mapping of the Mejametalana catchment, Maseru in Sediment sources, sediment residence time and sediment transfer-Case studies of soil erosion in the Lesotho lowlands.
  • The geomorphological units of the area were delineated on the 1961 aerial photographs using the ITC geomorphological mapping method as modified by Schmitz and Verstappen (1980) for Lesotho| identification of vegetation types.
  • Landforms and Quaternary climatic change in The geomorphology of Southern Africa.
  • The review article examines the evidence for environmental change in the geomorphological features of southern Africa and examines the nature and chronology of those changes in the Quaternary.
  • Ur-und Frühgeschichte als Hilfswissenschaft der Geomorphologie im ariden Nordafrika. in Festschrift für Wolfgang Meckelein. (Pre-and Protohistory as aids in geomorphological investigation of the arid regions of North Africa)
  • Absolute and relative datings of geomorphological phenomena are frequently only possible if prehistorical evidence is also taken into account. Some forms and structure of the earth's surface which initially prove difficult to interpret turn out
  • to be of human origin. Failure to recognize the human provenance of such features can give rise to misinterpretations and errors in geomorphological research. Prehistoric evidence permits deductions concerning the nature of geomorphological processes. The various
  • ways in which prehistoric man responded to the pressures of his environment shed light on the nature of climate geomorphological changes of landscape during the Quarternary period. (LA).
  • Late Quaternary environmental changes in the Karoo, South Africa in Geomorphological studies in Southern Africa.
  • Geomorphologie der küstennahen Zentralen Namib (Südwestafrika) Geomorphology of coastal central Namib desert (South West Africa)
  • Prehistoric sites and implements in Cameroon. An annex to the Interim report of the Tropical African Geomorphology Research Project, 1975-1976.
  • Namibrand und Erongo-Zur Geomorphologie zweier südwestafrikanischer Landschaften. (Namib border and Erongo-On geomorphology of two Southwest-African landscapes)
  • Geomorphological observations in western Tibesti 1961
  • Geomorphological aspects of the process of desertification in western Sudan in The Nile Countries.
  • Geomorphology and hydrology of the Gulf of Tunis from Landsat 2 imagery in Coastal problems, in the mediterranean sea.
  • Change of vegetation cover and morphodynamics: a study in applied geomorphology in the semi-arid lands of northern Kenya in Applied geomorphology.
  • The use of Spot-imagery for the detection of geomorphological and superficial hydrogeological phenomena in the Lubumbashi area (Shaba, Zaïre)
  • Carte géomorphologique du Rwanda = Geomorphological map of Rwanda
  • Geomorphology of the western Bushmanland Plateau, Namaqualand, South Africa
  • Floodplain geomorphology and human occupation of the upper inland delta of the Niger
  • Remote sensing of coastal geomorphology and dynamics in Kabylia, Algeria in Coastal problems, in the mediterranean sea.