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  • Geomorfologisk karta over Island.. (Geomorphological map of Iceland)
  • Man, a geomorphological agent. An introduction to Anthropic geomorphology.
  • Miedzynarodowe sympozjum na temat kartowania geomorfologicznego. (International Symposium in geomorphological mapping)
  • The author discusses the agenda, the procedure and the issues taken up at the International Symposium on geomorphological mapping which took place in Budapest, October 25-28, 1977. Methods of constructing conventional geomorphological
  • and geomorphological-engineering maps were discussed at the Symposium together with the problems of modern morphodynamic processes and methods of constructing morphographic maps. (d'après l'A.).
  • Mérnokgeomorfologiai térkép jelkulcsanak magyarazoja. in Mernokgeomorfologiai térképezés.. (Explanatory notes to the key of engineering geomorphological maps)
  • The origin, the environment of formation and the orographic, morphographic and hypsometric features of landforms appearing on engineering geomorphological maps are treated. The definitions serve to help users understand all the information contained
  • Geomorphological mapping and surveying in intertropical regions : an example from the plateau regions in Southern-Shaba (Zaiire) in Proceedings.
  • International Geographical Union (IGU) Commission on geomorphological Survey and Mapping, International
  • Detailed systematic geomorphological mapping in the Netherlands and its applications in Developments in physical geography. A tribute to J. I. S. Zonneveld..
  • Detailed systematic geomorphological mapping in the Netherlands started in 1966. Since 1975 these maps have been printed in colour. This paper describes the structure of the legend of the 1: 50 000 geomorphological map.
  • The holon : hierarchy theory and landscape research in Geomorphological models. Theoretical and empirical aspects.
  • Geomorphological mapping: progress and problems
  • Field instrumentation and geomorphological problems
  • The revolution in geomorphology a retrospect
  • The Antarctic ice-sheet : a surface model for satellite altimeter studies in Models in geomorphology.
  • Some reflections on geomorphological mapping systems
  • Using miniature landforms in teaching geomorphology
  • New Swedish maps of vegetation and geomorphology based on air photo interpretation
  • On geomorphological classification and legend design in mapping 1: 1 000 000 map of Xining Sheet.
  • The design principles and representation of legends in the geomorphological map is discussed. All land-forms of neotechtonic origin, fundamental exogenic morpho-genetic classes and special forms should be fully reflected. The first level basic
  • The fundamental principles of landscape evolution in Geomorphological models. Theoretical and empirical aspects.
  • Geomorphological map of Poland : 752-Sawin.
  • Whither geomorphology?
  • Fragile foundations: some methodological problems in geomorphological research. = Des bases fragiles: quelques problèmes de méthode de la recherche géomorphologique
  • The study of complexity-some ideas from mathematical modelling in Climatological extremes in the mountains, Physical background, geomorphological and ecological consequences.