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  • Geomorphological and stratigraphical significance of Pliocene red clay in Hungary
  • Geomorphology and changing environments in Central Europe
  • Clay ; Geochemistry ; Geochronology ; Geomorphology ; Hungary ; Palaeoclimate ; Palaeogeography ; Palaeosol ; Pliocene ; Stratigraphy
  • This paper deals with red clays in Hungary, which are younger than the Upper Pannonian (Upper Miocene) but older than the Pleistocene. Their origin and stratigraphical position is still debated. Based on geomorphological position and mineralogical
  • Geomorphology and changing environments in Central Europe
  • Until recently only geomorphological features and mammal fossils had been known as evidence to the long-debated dry-warm semidesert or hot desert climate in the Carpathian basin following the filling up of the Pannonian Lake. A comparison of samples