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  • C. D. Ollier's Evolutionary geomorphology of Australia: discussion. (and reply)
  • A National Park Survey in Western Samoa : Terrain classification on tropical volcanoes in Applied geomorphological mapping : methodology by example.
  • A reconnaissance survey of a proposed National Park in Western Samoa employed techniques of terrain classification largely based on geomorphology. This provided a data base of maps and Land System descriptions valuable in establishing and managing
  • the Park. It also enabled a rapid production of geological and soils maps. As a side issue the geological and geomorphological history was determined.
  • Geomorphology and Quaternary history of the Australian continental dune fields
  • Three new sets of maps for Papua New Guinea: geomorphology, vegetation, land limitation and agricultural land use potential
  • Time in the geomorphology of Western Australia in Australian physical geography.
  • Geomorphological significance of late quaternary deposits of the Lake George Area, N. S. W.
  • Geomorphology and tectonics of Woodlark Island, Papua New Guinea
  • Geomorphology of tropical rivers. I. Landforms, hydrology and sedimentation in Channel processes. Water, sediment, catchment controls.
  • Reef growth and karst erosion on Mangaia, Cook Islands: a reinterpretation in Geomorphology of changing coastlines.
  • Rainfall and beach erosion relationships, Stanwell Park, Australia, 1895-1980: worldwide implications for coastal erosion in Geomorphology of changing coastlines.
  • Review of channel changes along creeks in the northern part of the Latrobe River basin, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia in Fluvial geomorphology. In memoriam J. N. Jennings.
  • Measurement of gully erosion and the effects of soil conservation techniques in Puketurua experimental bassin (New Zealand) in Present day geomorphological processes.
  • Geomorphology of a Pliocene granite in Papua New Guinea
  • In the last decade there have been several important developments in earth sciences with profound repercussions for Australasian geomorphology. Seventeen essays presented here reflect some of the achievements as well as some of the difficulties
  • Geomorphology of the Lake Omeo Basin, Victoria