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  • Frost and drought through time and space, part I : the climatological record in Frost and drought in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.
  • Sifting of the climatological record shows a suggestive, but not conclusive, correlation of frost events with dry periods in Papua New Guinea. - (DWG)
  • Morphotectonics of Papua New Guinea in The geomorphology of plate boundaries and active continental margins.
  • Guinea.
  • Afrique ; Afrique australe ; Afrique lusophone ; Angola ; Bibliographie ; Cap-Vert Iles ; Guinée-Bissau ; Géographie de l'Afrique ; Mozambique ; Sao Tomé et Principe
  • Research in the mountains of the island of New Guinea
  • Environment ; Landscape ; Man-environment relationship ; Mountain ; Natural resources ; Papua New Guinea ; Research ; Settlement
  • is increasingly put into the framework of climatic variability and change. Some of this research has an applied dimension in improving land management system. Compared to Papua New Guinea where Australian scholars have been active, the mountains and people
  • Papua New Guinea Scene No.13. Introducing a new marketing concept to Papua New Guinea: the maket raun
  • An argument for reframing debates about corruption : insights from Papua New Guinea
  • Corruption ; Definition ; Legality ; Papua New Guinea ; Regulation
  • Corrupción ; Definición ; Papúa-Nueva Guinea ; Reglamentación
  • Full circle or spiralling out of control ? State violence and the control of urbanisation in Papua New Guinea
  • Behaviour ; Criminality ; Ethnic group ; Papua New Guinea ; Social change ; Squatter ; Urban administration ; Urban growth ; Urbanization ; Violence
  • In Papua New Guinea, colonial control of urban populations has been replicated in contemporary times, often in more draconian form. Eviction of urban settlers have been tied to issues of crime and urban respectability, and lingering perceptions
  • Estadisticas de la Guinea Ecuatorial Nguemista. Datos para explicar un desastre politico = Statistics of Nguemist Equatorial Guinea. Data to explain a political disaster = Statistiques de la Guinée Equatoriale Nguemiste. Données pour expliquer un
  • House types of Papua New Guinea's Kasakana
  • Consumer behavior and the village trade store : a Papua New Guinea example
  • Documents and readings in New Guinea History
  • Spatial and seasonal variations of precipitable water over the Guinea-Fouta Djallon Mountains
  • Application of regional flood frequency analysis to large tropical catchments : a case study in the Sepik Basin, Papua New Guinea
  • Holocene sea level change and coral-reef growth at Huon peninsula, Papua New Guinea
  • Bibliography of the Kaniet and Sae atolls, New Guinea
  • Bibliography of the Hermit Islands, Agomes Islands, New Guinea
  • La repubblica di Guinea oggi: osservazioni e considerazioni
  • Some aspects of agroclimatology in Southeast Asia and New Guinea in Pacific affairs.
  • Surveying, charting and mapping problems in Papua New Guinea
  • Cave sedimentation in the New Guinea Highlands