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  • Quantitative mineralogy of bauxite profiles in SE Guinea Bissau
  • Analyse quantitative ; Bauxite ; Formation superficielle ; Guinée-Bissau ; Géochimie ; Géographie physique ; Latérite ; Lithologie ; Minéralogie
  • Slope stability and tephra mantles in the Papua New Guinea highlands
  • Morphotectonics of Papua New Guinea in The geomorphology of plate boundaries and active continental margins.
  • Guinea.
  • Holocene sea level change and coral-reef growth at Huon peninsula, Papua New Guinea
  • Some soil characteristics of termite moulds under Guinea savanna climate, Zaria, Kaduna state, Nigeria
  • Evolutionary geomorphology of Australia and Papua-New Guinea
  • By means of examples it is demonstrated that much of the geomorphology of Australia dates back to early Cenozoic, Mesozoic and even Palaeozoic times. Papua-New Guinea is built of several fragments that had different histories before they collided
  • with the Australian plate, and it is meaningless to construct a geomorphic history on the present map of the country. Despite signs of geomorphic youth, such as Pleistocene granite and gneiss domes, even Papua-New Guinea has many relic landforms. Conventional models
  • Evaporation in Papua New Guinea
  • Stable isotope and sea-level data from New-Guinea supports Antarctic ice-surge theory of ice ages
  • A quantitative analysis of the induced grasslands of the Bismarck mountains, Papua New Guinea
  • Active gneiss domes in Papua New Guinea. New tectonic landforms
  • Estimating sediment transport in a braided gravel channel the Kawerong River, Bougainville, Papua New Guinea
  • Climate of Papua New Guinea.
  • Grass biomass production in a Northern Guinea savanna ecosystem
  • the Guinea savannas or the forest-savanna mosaic further south, even during the drought episodes. In such conditions, palearctic migrants and afro-tropical species both concentrate in a limited number of refuge areas within the Sahelian belt.