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  • Greenland
  • Bibliography ; Greenland
  • Vegetation of the Angmassalik District, southeast Greenland
  • The Polar Eskimo population, Thule District, North Greenland
  • The 20-yr cycle in Greenland ice core records
  • Erosion and vegetational changes in South Greenland caused by agriculture
  • Farming;Agriculture ; Greenland ; Historical geography ; Holocene ; Human impact ; Palaeo-environment ; Palynology ; Pollen analysis ; Soil erosion ; Vegetation
  • Pollen analyses and measurements of magnetic parameters in some lakes and ponds in sub-arctic South Greenland have shown, that after stable conditions through most of the Holocene drastic environmental changes appeared as a result
  • Sediment transport in a proglacial valley, Sermilik, East Greenland
  • Climatic variation ; Cold area ; Glacial features ; Greenland ; Hydrology ; Model ; Sediment transport ; Valley
  • Detailed investigations of sediment transport have been carried out in a proglacial valley at the Mitdluagkat Glacier in East Greenland. The results from 1989, 1990 and 1991 have been compared with earlier measurements of sediment transport
  • Measuring calving in Icefall Lake, SE Greenland, using a Diver pressure transducer with a built-in datalogger
  • Cold area ; Field experiment ; Glacier ; Greenland ; Lake ; Research technique
  • In South East Greenland, the north-western part of the Mittivakkat Glacier calves into a lake, called Icefall Lake, situated at its terminus. The aim of this study is to test the applicability of the logger in this environment, and to develop
  • Cosmogenic Be 10-ages from the Store Koldewey island, NE Greenland
  • Dating ; Geochronology ; Glaciation ; Greenland ; Ice sheet ; Isotope dating ; Palaeogeography ; Quaternary
  • This study approaches the glacial history of northeast Greenland by using cosmogenic exposure dating. New Be 10-ages from the Store Koldewey island suggest that unscoured mountain plateaus at the outer coast were covered at least partly by cold
  • -based ice during the LGM. It is, however, still inconclusive whether this ice was dynamically connected to the Greenland Ice Sheet or not.
  • Coastal environments around Thule settlements in Northeast Greenland
  • Archaeology ; Coastal environment ; Coastal erosion ; Greenland ; Human occupation ; Inuit ; North East Greenland ; Palaeo-environment ; Polynia ; Prehistory ; Seasonal variability
  • The study site in Northeast Greenland is located between 75°-73°30N. It lies in the high arctic climate zone with continuous permafrost. The AA. focuse on the relation between the various types of coastal environments and the location of Thule Inuit
  • environments towards the settlement requirements is discussed and preferred locations for settlements are shown. The Thule culture abandoned Northeast Greenland about 1850 AD, and apart from settlements on basalt capes, most of the winter settlement sites
  • The Greenland ice sheet and greenhouse warming
  • Climatic variation ; Greenhouse effect ; Greenland ; Ice ; Sea level ; Temperature
  • Geomorphology of a degrading Artic Delta, Sermilik, South-East Greenland
  • Coastal dynamics ; Cold area ; Delta ; Floating ice ; Geomorphology ; Greenland ; Iceberg ; Sedimentology
  • Medium scale landforms of glacial erosion in South Greenland| process and form
  • The aim of this paper is to discuss the formation of medium scale glacial erosional forms in South Greenland of the order of hundreds of metres in size and to understand the controls of local ice movement directions, rock structure and subglacial
  • Soil formation as an indication of relative age of glacial deposits in Eastern Greenland
  • A chrono-sequence of soils has been studied in a proglacial valley extending from the Midtlu gkat Glacier on the island Angmagssalik O in Eastern Greenland. The relative age of soils and a probable sequence of especially translocation processes
  • Mass balance observations at Mittivakkat Glacier, Ammassalik Island, Southeast Greenland 1995-2006
  • Climate ; Climatic trend ; Glacier ; Glacier mass balance ; Greenland ; Model
  • Hydrology, sediment transport and water resources of Ammassalik Island, SE Greenland
  • Glacier ; Greenland ; Hydrology ; Polar region ; Sediment transport ; Water budget ; Water resources ; Watershed
  • Varves in a proglacial lake, Sermilik, South East Greenland
  • Cold area ; Greenland ; Lacustrine sedimentation ; Lake ; Proglacial lake ; Sediment transport ; Varves
  • The internal drainage system of the lower Mittivakkat Glacier, Ammassalik Island, SE Greenland
  • Discharge ; Drainage ; Glacier ; Greenland ; Tracer
  • Recent accumulation rate changes in South Greenland from internal layering
  • Glacial deposit ; Greenland ; Ice ; Radar ; Sounding ; Stratification
  • Two decades of glaciological investigations in South and Central Greenland
  • Altitude ; Field experiment ; Glaciology ; Greenland ; Ice sheet ; Satellite imagery ; Survey ; Years 1980-89