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  • Effects of vegetation change on interrill runoff and erosion, Walnut Gulch, southern Arizona
  • The effects of the change from grassland to shrubland on interrill runoff and erosion are investigated by performing field experiments on small and large runoff plots located in Walnut Gulch experimental watershed.
  • Short and long term effects of bioturbation on soil erosion, water resources and soil development in an arid environment
  • processes and rates; 2) to analyse the long term effect of bioturbation on the spatial distribution of water resources and soil development.
  • Cows are important agents of geomorphological change. This paper examines the effects on erosional force and erosional resistance and the AA. divide those further into direct and indirect effects. They look first at upland slopes and then at streams
  • This paper describes and explains channel metamorphosis of the Ain River in east-central France and the effects of this metamorphosis on floodplain disturbance and vegetation development: relationship between channel dynamics and hydrology
  • with Reynolds number but they attribute this to very low velocity beneath submerged stems, and not to the state of flow. The sediment transport relations provide support for the concept of a threshold shear stress which erosion is effectively prevented