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  • Modelling the effects of land-use change on runoff and sediment yield for a meso-scale catchment in the Southern Pyrenees
  • The land-use change over the last 50 years with subsequent effects on water and sediment export was modelled with the process-based, spatially semi-distributed WASA-SED model for the meso-scale Canalda catchment in Catalonia, Spain. It was forwarded
  • model was used to obtain qualitative estimates on the effects of past and future change scenarios to derive a baseline for hypothesis building and future discussion on the evolution of sediment budgets in such a dryland setting. The reliability
  • Quantitative assessment of effectiveness of soil conservation measures using a combination of Cs 137 radioactive tracer and conventional techniques
  • The AA. used radioactive soil redistribution tracer 137Cs together with soil morphological characteristics and empirically-based modeling for quantitative assessment of long-term soil conservation effectiveness. Three pairs of arable slopes were
  • Investigating the effect of afforestation on soil erosion and sediment mobilisation in two small catchments in Southern Italy
  • been studied in sediment monitoring programmes carried out by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate. The combined effects of climate change and human impact on sediment transport in rivers appear to enhance downstream sediment delivery.
  • of the conservation practices. Sediment sources were also investigated using the fingerprinting technique. Results emphasize the complexity of the relationship between sediment yield, the effects of climactic variability, and changes in land use and management.